And the new "Bosley" for Charlie's Angels is...

Patrick Stewart??
I have to admit, I never saw that one coming. The idea that there are several teams of Angels running around sounds interesting.

Sounds like Stewart may have officially reached the slumming-for-roles phase of his career.

The conversation usually goes something like this:

Agent: Patrick, I have an offer for an interesting role. The character is based…

Stewart: Does it pay?

Agent: Yes.

Stewart: I’ll take it.

No one asks the question: in the age of Atomic Blonde and Wonder Woman and empowered women everywhere, do we need Charlie’s Angels anymore? Aren’t they a bit…dated?

I agree. We had the original series back in the seventies. We had the remake series which failed because the premise was completely outdated. We had the movie which made fun of the premise. And we had the sequel which got made because the first movie was a success. What’s left to say?

I’ll grant you that good writing can compensate for a bad premise. But I have a hard time believing that this show is going to focus on its writing.

remake shows are all the rage now, Murphy Brown, Will and Grace, Hawaii 5-0 , etc.


See Olivier, Lawrence or Caine, Michael. Just cuz a guy is a genius artist, doesn’t mean he’s not allowed to make money for their families.

Has Mark Wahlburg no shame at all?

Awww…and I was so hoping that the new Bosley would be Tom Arnold. I guess he’s busy doing other things. :smiley:

Do you think Fantasy Island is coming next? Actually, that could be interesting. Just say “no” to the Love Boat. We have to take a stand somewhere.

Looking at the women who were cast, it seems pretty clear that there was one person who picked the women and that he (or she) had a very specific type. That’s three slightly tomboyish looking, emotionless waifs in slightly different palettes of skin color.

Granted, I like that look. But I feel like a factor in the success of a movie like this is that each girl is clearly different than the other ones. That way, you can identify with the one who most closely matches you - if you’re a woman - or lust after the one who is the most your type - if you like women.

Or De Niro, Robert.

I was watching Goodfellas a couple of weeks ago and I thought ‘Oh yeah, that’s right, Robert De Niro used to make good movies.’

Yeah, sure, why work when you can… not work? That’ll keep an actor fed.

Oh, let’s get real - neither the Star Trek nor the X-Men franchises are high art. Patrick Stewart can definitely act, but he’s never been above a paycheck. Which is exactly what I’d expect from him, given his background.

”First of all, I choose the great roles, and if none of these come, I choose the mediocre ones, and if they don’t come, I choose the ones that pay the rent.” — Sir Michael Caine


They did Fantasy Island with Malcolm McDowell. I liked it. It was a lot darker. Didn’t last

Murphy Brown, Will and Grace, Roseanne… those are completely different animals. They are not remakes, they are returns of old shows with the same cast.

Just looked it up. 20 years ago? Really? It doesn’t feel that long ago.

Only lasted 13 episodes.

and also:

There was always a dark, Robert Bloch-esque underbelly to Fantasy Island. “Smiles, everyone! Smiles!” was concealing a deeper and more terrifying secret below the mysterious isle, perhaps a slumbering Old One from a long forgotton time only known to the now-extinghuished natives who once occupied the island.