And then terror set in...

So here I am, fairly happily ensconced in a job where I’m in charge and have a good staff, dragging down about $75K a year building houses for a public housing agency, vested in the corporation, and somewhat bored out of my mind (hence my post count).

Out of the blue, an opportunity falls in my lap. A guy in my office mentions that his wife’s company (a Native corporation) has just landed an overseas construction contract with the Dept. of State, which happens to be an outfit I am very familiar with, if not too fond of, and that said company is looking for someone who knows the workings and wonders of said department and who is knowledgeable about Africa.

“Well, gee”, says I. Sounds like they’re looking for me. So I drummed up a cover letter and dusted off the resume and sent it on over.

A week went by and suddenly I get a call today saying they are absolutely interested in what I have to offer and would I mind coming in for an interview and teleconference. The guy in my office says they pay somewhere in the neighborhood of $120-150K for the job they are thinking of offering. Holy crap!

This will happen on Monday, so I’ll have the weekend to sweat it out and not get any sleep. Anybody have any relaxation techniques? I’m just hoping I don’t come across as a blithering idiot. Nobody had better come back with “too late”, either! There’s a lot more to this, but I won’t bore you with it.

What always worked for me was thinking about all the stuff about my current job I won’t be worrying about soon. Although if your current job is somewhat boring maybe this technique won’t work :slight_smile:

Good luck!

go out and do something that is physically and mentally demanding this weekend. maybe learn something new. that’ll take your mind off of anything else. and you may end up doing something you’re not going to get to do again for a while, now that you’re about to be a muckety-muck.

Twenty years ago I gave up a 50k job to come home to family and friends at about 12k. Never looked back…word

Yeah, I can dig it. My wife and I both gave up lucrative jobs with the State Department (out of disgust) and returned here hoping to land on a solid branch (we did). I’m approaching this very cautiously. While my present job is boring, it’s very 8-5. I’m not ready to jump to 16-hour days.

But dang, ya know? I started off in 1965 making $1.75/hr, and this would sort of be the jewel in the crown. Well, we’ll see how it goes.

Thanks for the advice, folks.

Don’t laugh, but one of the best ways to get a good night’s rest is sex (you’re laughing). It is, really: it will take a lot of nervous energy from you and should allow you to rest much better.

Now, how’s that for an argument? :wink:
“No, really baby, its for a good cause…”

Africa? Will you have to hunt your own food? :smiley:

Yeah, the spouses of diplomats can be pretty ferocious in the embassy commissary. I used to refer to them as “Diplo-raptors”. :smiley:

I wouldn’t actually have to go over there very often, but wouldn’t mind, since I lived there for several years. The chance of turning a visit into another photo safari would be worth it. I’m having trouble getting past leaving Alaska again, though. I’m hoping we can come to some sort of agreement.

I am intrigued by this “sex” of which you speak so knowingly. How does one acquire such a product? Do any other dopers have working knowledge of such a thing?

Try to relax by imagining how you’ll unwind in that big multi-jet whirlpool hot tub spa that will suddenly be oh-so affordable after you get a big jump in pay. Hope it all works out for you, guy.

Wow, flying from Alaska to Africa, that must be longer than Chicago to Bangkok. Well, it sounds like you have one of those win-win situations going for you. In this economy consider yourself lucky, very lucky.

For the sleep thing, make sure you get plenty of exercise and fresh air during the day. Works for me.

When I flew back from Uganda to Anchorage, I did it all in one swoop in order to make it back for a job interview (I left there the same day the Nairobi embassy was bombed in 1998). As I recall, it took something like 23 hours and there was a 12-hour time difference.

My spouse was still there, wrapping things up, and I had no idea anything had happened until I got off the plane in Minn. The customs guy says, “Oh, is that the place they blew up today?” I freaked out…seriously…because he had no idea what country had been attacked.

Sounds like a great opportunity! I spent some time in Malawi and Zambia and it was mostly a wonderful time. Really nice people and an interesting area historically and politically.

Good luck!