And they filled him full of lead...

And actually, Geronimo died of pneumonia. So, Elton, WTF is up with that? Plus, Holiday Inn really sucks.

“Don’t shoot me, I’m only the piano player. Talk to Bernie.”

He must’ve been in Billy Joel’s history class. Billy the Kid wasn’t hung, either.

That’s not what Mrs. Billy the Kid said.

The Paper Lace band must have went to the same school they did. (The Night Chicago Died)

Don’t blame Elton. He doesn’t remember any further back then when rock was young.

At least Billy was taking notes in history class. Which served him years later when he was looking through his old notebook.

“Josef Stalin… Malenkov… Nasser… Prokofiev… Rockefeller… Campanella… Communist Bloc… hey I could set this to music…”

Furthermore, at Waterloo Napoleon didn’t surrender. He escaped, and eventually gave himself up to the Royal Navy after trying to get onto a French ship to escape to sea, 11 days after the Battle of Waterloo.

I like ABBA, but they really should have done some fact checking.

Who’s gonna tell Bono that Martin Luther King, Jr. was shot at 6 p.m., not “early morning”?

I was never tender and callow in September, no matter how I try to remember it.

Also, someone tell Sting that carbon 14 isn’t deadly for 12,000 years, or at all, really.

Springsteen might be interested to know that King Farouk was overthrown, had to abdicate in favor of his kid, and lived the rest of his life in exile.

“'Cause I got more good luck honey than old King Farouk”

Uh, it’s a really cute video for “We didn’t start the fire”. It has pictures for each event and a little running commentary from the creator of the video.

I just thought the link need some explanation.

Thanks. You’re right that it should have more than just a link. To be frank, I wasn’t sure it was even on-topic. Still am not. It’s just the only thing I thought of with the earlier posts and I thought it might relate, might not.

In any case, it’s a clever video. On topic or not.