And this month's Chick Award goes to....

…Congressional Quarterly, specifically the CQ Monitor, which this week began running a half-page advertisement called, "The Adventures of Captain ANWR."

Regrettably, the strips are only available in the CQ Monitor, although the comic-strip ad invites you to visit .

Captain ANWR is so Chick-worthy that I can’t help wondering if Old Jack himself isn’t doing a little bit of un-Godly moonlighting.

These ads are backed by the Teamsters Union, so I’m not going to wind up flavoring some concrete by describing the strips in full. Here’s a brief recap:

Day One: Captain ANWR saves the polar bear and the caribou! How? By drilling for oil! Here’s how he does it:

I think this “fact” is bullshit. It appears to me to be inflated from the already falsified data which Secretary Norton submitted to Congress last year. It certainly over-simplifies the issue, which I think is the entire purpose of the ad. Spreading ignorance by further exaggerating existing untruths seems Chick-worthy to me.

Day Two: Meet Senator Strawman (actually, he is unnamed), who wants your campaign donations so he can continue to oppose drilling in the ANWR. But Captain ANWR saves the day:

Them’s some fine details, except one. Which senator, you ask? We are not told! It sounds like Senator Frank Murkowski, from Alaska, but Merc is all for the ANWR. So who the hell are they talking about? I think the answer is “nobody.” What the hell, it’s only a comic strip, right? Well, no. It’s an ad in a publication that’s read by virtually everyone who works with Congress on a daily basis. And Congress is going to decide whether or not the ANWR is opened up to drilling.

Anyway, these two little stinking Tootsie-rolls of sophistry really pissed me off. I thought I’d point it out to you from the get-go, so that we can all join in on the fun.