And, to the class of January 2001 ...

… I bid you greetings, as I celebrate my 300th post. How many of you folks who signed on in January 2001 are still plugging away at the wall of anonymity, hoping against all hope to be taken seriously without going to extremes and being WARNED, or worse BANNED? If you’re out there, let me know. If you’re still lurking – stick with it.

To my fellow SDMBers – I like you a heck of a lot. I’m glad I’m sharing your playground. You help me over a lot of rough patches I’ll not talk about right now – I’m very, very glad I signed on.

To the Mods and Admins – I tip my hat to you. Rock on!

(Sorry. No post party, no beer, no nakedness. I’m just too dull and boring for that. 'Sides, if I got naked, it would scare the neighbourhood. Hence – watch this thread be stillborn! sigh I’ll get into the apple cider when I hit 500, okay?)

Well, permit me, as someone who has long since past 500 posts, to open the apple cider, apple jack, apple brandy, and apple butter for you, not to mention the barrel for bobbing for apples.

You’d think this was autumn:)

Good for you. :smiley:

awww, quit gloating, and slow down, would ya? I’m still pushing for 500, and I’ve been here almost nine months.

Seriously, congrats. But don’t catch up to me quite yet, m’kay?

Aawwwww … why not??? :smiley:

Hey, kiddo, down here it WILL be autumn in about a couple of weeks. Yum … apple jack and apple brandy? How different are they from cider? And what’s apple butter? (I’m a being from the Southern Hemisphere. I need educatin’) And as for bobbing for apples – heh, heh. Brief flash through Ice Wolf’s head there of a certain Gary Larsen cartoon involving alligators and poodles … heh, heh. Sorry!

And thanks Gunslinger for the post. sniff I was noticed after all! I’m so happy! sniff Damn hay fever …

And I’ve just noticed all of you are the class of June 2000. Congrats to you all! (Just for being here, brightening up our lives …)

Yeah . . . and had I kept my post-rate going, I might be ten times Lsura’s post count by now.

However, almost definitely gone are the days of me posting forty times. Or even twenty.

"Yum … apple jack and apple brandy? How different are they from cider?"

Hmm . . .well, to take a page from “The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes”, they’re both apple-derived products. I think apple jack has some amount of apple floating around in the middle or such. If you need help distinguishing between apple brandy and apple cider . . . apple brandy is apples made into brandy, while apple cider is apples made into cider. And apple butter is apples made into butter.