And we're off!

The car is packed to the gills and then some.

The baby’s had her last bottle of the evening (I hope!).

We’re off on an 11 hour car ride to go camping for two weeks.



(Seriously, I feel like a bit of an attention whore for even posting this, but given my prolificness (I just made that word up, didn’t I?) of the last few months, and given the wonderful concern and support from Dopers about WhyBaby and that whole ordeal, I didn’t want to slip away without saying goodbye. I’d hate anyone to worry that something was wrong with the baby 'cause I wasn’t posting.)

See y’all in August!

[Ron White]I wouldn’t camp out for five days if I was…camping.[/Ron White]


Seriously–have a great time! You’re braver than I am to be doing this with a little one!