And you think YOU'RE crazy

This guys mom trumps you all.

(note: lots of pictures, so dialup dopers beware.)

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Nonetheless, wow. That’s not even funny. That’s just…awful.

There’ve been several threads on this. Still, I read it every time and I makes me sad. Does anyone know the clinical name for her condition?

Have there been? Well shoot…

I think it might be a form of OCD, but I could be wrong. I just call it ‘pack-rat’ disorder, cause that’s what it is. These people just can’t bring themselves to throw anything out.

You should see my brother’s place, just about every nook & cranny is filled with computer equipment. He is in the business of selling computer hardware, though, and his office is in his basement.

Those pictures really depressed me.

Cripes, nightmares of my ex-wife are a given this dark night…

I thought it was a joke. I expected the last picture to be of Mom the MILF, with a caption along the lines of “It’s OK, though, her friends are hot too!”

I believe these people are known as hoarders. The mother of one of my friends in high school was like this. She was also obsessed with TV and taping shows. She had 8 TVs and 8 VCRs in the living room and would tape everything she could on TV. They had an three bedroom filled with VCR tapes.

This was in the early 90s, so no TiVo. She would write down everything she taped in a notebook.

This is where it gets weird, all the TVs in the house (I would guess about 10 of them) were hooked up to the “master VCR” in the living room. When her son would come home from school, she would play some of the things she thought her son would find interesting. All the controls on the TVs throughout the house were broken, and the TVs were always on. She put locked boxes where the TV plugged to the wall and destoyred the IR sensor so you couldn’t use a remote control. It was like something out of “1984” You would have to talk over the volume on the TV.

I never saw his mom outside of the living room. She even slept on the couch . I was only over there a few times, it creeped the hell out of me.

One other thing I remembered, she wouldn’t let anyone open a can of Coke. I popped the top one time and she started screaming at the top of her lungs, she thought someone was shooting a gun.

Very strange indeed.

Wow! That’s so amazing and sad. I never really thought I’d see a house worse than my best friend’s parent’s house, but this rivals it. This guy’s mom’s bathroom is positively sterile compared to my best friend’s mom’s bathroom. Her mom’s kitchen counters are crusted with food and leftover food is left in pans for days and days. I won’t even go into her house anymore.

In the one picture you can actually see the counter where the phone is. I have never seen my friend’s mom’s counter tops that bare. EVER. And she has strung line across the hallway to hang the clothes she actually wears because the rest of the house is full.

People like this need help. It’s so freaking sad.


That filled up a good portion of my afternoon, though. Thanks. :slight_smile:

A woman in my hold neighborhood has that disorder (what ever the name of it turns out to be). She is even worse (if you can imagine). She doesn’t buy the stuff on e-bay though, she collects it off the street and out of the trashbins of the neighborhood – everything from empty cans to old newpapers. The volume of stuff is astounding – the entire back yard is filled to a depth of 5 or 6 feet. The garage doors literally bulge out – all of the windows are covered with stuff. Every couple of years the City comes with a couple giant dumpsters, and tosses it all – the woman stands in the yard screaming obscenities at the workers. Within a year or so, the mess is back.

It really is a sad condition – I’m afraid that guy’s mother will end up like my neighbor – alone with her stuff, unable to afford e-bay, and wandering the streets looking for more.

All I could think was…Mmmmmm, Frankenberry!

(My initial post disappeared… let me try again)

My father is exactly the same way. Recently my grandfather was very ill and had to move in with him. My sister and I had to empty piles of crap from the living room so they could put a hospital bed in for him. Cleaning the kitchen was, to date, the single most disgusting thing I have ever had to do, followed closely by scrubbing the bathroom. The rest of the rooms are uninhabitable, one bedroom you can’t even walk more than 4 feet into, just far enough to get to the computer. The other, I don’t know about, the door is always shut so I don’t look. My sister warned me not to look in the garage, she said my head would explode. :eek: It doesn’t help that he inheirited his Depression-era parents house which was already full of “Don’t throw that away - we may need it later” crap.

He also has the urge to tape every TV show he watches, even one he already has tapes of. For example, he owns the official DVD releases of every Star Trek episode ever made, but he tapes them from the TV too.

I have looked into his disorder, and apparently Doctors can’t figure out if Hoarders are Obsessive Compulsive, or if they have Adult ADD. Could be a mix of both. My father is not unintelligent, he’s just weird. He is doing better, though. My sis and I told him that we would visit more often if his place wasn’t so disgusting, and made him promise that if we helped clean and sort he wouldn’t let it get this bad again. Only time will tell. Otherwise I will have to strongly suggest that he get some professional help. Also to his credit, he took very good care of my grandfather during his last days, and I am proud of him for that.

My great aunt was like that, only she was more of a slob. Those photos all show signs of order; my great aunt knew nothing of order. Cleaning out her house to move her into a small retirement apartment was a total bitch. Then she managed to fill up the apartment. When she died it took weeks to clean up some 700 square feet. She was addicted to QVC. Thank goodness she never discovered eBay.

This is truly scary. I thought my mother was bad, as part of the beanie baby craze a while back. But this is about 10000% worse. I wonder how a condition like this develops. Or what this woman was like in younger years.

This isn’t as bad as it gets. My grandmother was a packrat, but not as bad as this. She never kept anything that was really and truly garbage. She always had some sort of reasonable use for these things. Her’s was never on the order of a disorder, though. She had a lot of stuff in a spare bedroom, and in the garage, but the garage was still usable and the house was still clean. My father is much worse than the woman in the OP though. He keeps things that are ruined, or just garbage (like empty beer bottles).

That house was utterly disgusting. I don’t know how a person could even think in such clutter, let alone live. The layers of dust…oy!

My oldest friend’s parents are like this, especially the father. They have rooms in the house that can’t even be entered anymore because the trash shifted and the door won’t open. Old newspapers, phonebooks from twenty years ago (some in other languages), expired drugs, expired bulk food, utility bills going back decades, burnt out lightbulbs, it goes on and on. It depresses the shit out of me when I see them.

His Mom is like my second Mom. She was my Cub Scout Den Mother. I’m from a broken home and she treated me exactly like one of her own. I know that when they pass on, I’m going to have to be knee deep in garbage with a shovel getting rid of that stuff. We’re going to have to rent a couple of those giant dumpsters that they use at construction sites.

There isn’t a known cure for Hoarders at this time. Like my friend and the kid who started the SA thread, all you can do is have a sense of humor about it.