And you thought kudzu and zebra mussels were bad...

…that ain’t nothing compared to Columbia’s invasive species problem.


Who would have thought that thay’d breed like, well, like hippos?

Nitpick: although numerous towns in the US are named Columbia, including one near me, the country in South America is “Colombia,” no U.

:smack: I spel gud, don’t I?

Erm, mods, could you please fix the title?

Omigod, they’ve spread to Morningside Heights!

*There’s a hippo on the road
It just squashed a native toad
Beware invasive breeds
On river creatures they will feed

It’s a hippo’s holiday
Keep your kids away
Hippos on the road, yeah*

Of course they’re on the road, they cannot get on a bus!

but they sure can fling poo

Now I know what I want for Christmas.


I love hippos. Their skin looks like it’s stretched so tight it could pop. I’m not a fan of their poo skills, though.

Good to know I can go to Colombia for a hippo safari, if getting to Africa is too much of a hassle.

Thanks for posting an update on these hippos!