And you thought you'd seen dead guys on ballots before!

How does a third party candidate expect to get elected if he looks like a zombie?

Is he going to eliminate income taxes by selling fresh juicy brains on the black market?

I wonder if I should be proud or scared that my political party is running a blue guy who drank metal because of Y2K paranoia…for Senate.

I think this is one of those “if you don’t have anyone good to nominate, don’t bother” situations. :slight_smile:


Poppa Smurf for US Senate? He’s got my vote.

LOL! That is fucking HIGH-LAY-RIOUS!!

Really? Why?

Maybe Ralph and the Green party would get more votes if Ralph were, well, green?

Perhaps Libertarian will come by and tell us what the deal is…

RTA, that’s the best laugh I’ve had in a long time! I’m crying over here!

He can speak for himself, of course, but I’d say that guys like this is a pretty big reason that there are an awful lot more people who believe in libertarian principals than belong to the Libertarian Party.

“I believe in less government and more freedom, and, and, dude! You’re a blue, quack, millennialist freak! And you’re at the top of the party? Jeez, maybe putting up with a bunch of fundies isn’t so bad after all.”

For anyone interested in information on colloidal silver and argyria, there was a recent thread that has a lot of good information and links.

I’d be afraid to vote for someone who bought into such an obvious scam.

Gee, ya think? :slight_smile:

I’m a proud member of the libertarian party, and I’ll vote Libertarian even though I know there is a slim chance that the libertarian candidate will win. I vote my conscience. I’m not compromising my beliefs so that tweedle dee can win over tweedle dum, because they both are going to do the same thing: increase government, decrease freedom.

And yes, that means I’ll vote Libertarian even if the damned candidate is Blue. :slight_smile:

Hahaha! I wish all quack ideas resulted in a change in skin color.

Aliens run the government? Bam! You’re green.
Moon landings were hoaxed? Whoosh! You’re purple.

shakes a lowered head slowly

Even BLUE this guy looks better than Torricelli. :smiley:

Erskine Bowles beat Blue in the Democratic primary.

New Florida candidate?

I only wish this made you really bright blue, and not deathly gray-blue. I’d drink it in a second!