Andersonville bombings

Hola, Cecil!


was a very nice read, sprinkled with facts and humorous asides.

But the false “sugar in the gas tank” meme was repeated, and ought to be removed.

Also, since I’m in a nitpicking mode, it’s “blonde woman” not “blond woman”

According to the American Heritage, “blond and brunet, as adjectives, may be used of both sexes.” The term was used here as an adjective. Blonde as a noun refers only to women.

As for sugar in the gas tank, I was technical consultant on that point and didn’t think the engine would seize, the point at issue in snopes, but rather that sugar would foul the carburetor of a 1950s auto. I had an experience along those lines with an old Corolla - a friend, trying to be helpful, poured some sort of engine cleaner into the gas tank, evidently dissolving the accumulated crud in the tank and fuel line and flushing it downstream where it got all over the carb. Admittedly solvent and sugar are two different things, but I note in snopes that sugar “can clog the fuel filter or fuel injectors, a circumstance which could stop a car.” So I’d say it’s reasonable to think sugar in the gas tank would damage a car.

In any case, the point here wasn’t what sugar would actually do, but rather what people thought it would do. The Master was conjecturing that a garden variety dirty trick in those days would have been sugar in the gas tank, not planting dynamite bombs.

I stand corrected.