Andre Norton still alive?

So I was talking with a friend of mine the other day, and she mentioned that Andre Norton had died a few years ago. I’m sure I would have heard if she had, but you never know. I googled, and found that she’d gone in for surgery in 2001, but didn’t find any obits. Anyone know what’s up?

Andre Norton is alive & well, & living in Murfreesboro, Tennessee.

No, I’m not sh^tting you.

I thought I had read that Andre Norton died in the recent past. A few months ago. But I couldn’t find an obit either.

I remember a thread here stating that she was very sick, and expected to die, IIRC. Can’t find it right now. Not looking too hard, I must admit.

Her books were my intro to SF. I think “Galactic Derelict” may have been one of my first obsessions.

Glad she’s ok

She had laproscopic (sp?) surgery a few months ago and it took her a little while to recover enough to leave the hospital. The last I heard, she was home and doing well. The SF-Fandom Bulletin Board site had a thread updating her health and progress, but it was lost during the January update when they accidently wiped their drive.

Thanks, all! I’m glad to hear she’s still with us, although given her age I guess it won’t be a whole lot longer, will it? And she’s certainly past her best work–but I read reams of her stuff when I was a kid, and enjoyed it tremendously.