Andrew Cuomo (Gov NY) doesn't get the internet

News story here.

In order to prevent the “public” distribution of NYS teacher evaluations, Cuomo introduced legislation to limit the release of evaluations. They will “only” go to parents who have children in the teacher’s class.

Great idea, I’m sure nobody will create a database that will allow parents/students to upload those evaluations for everyone to see. I also doubt that anyone would think of creating an email list to widely distribute evaluations throughout a school. Nobody would dare post their teacher’s evaluations on Facebook, or a blog, or any other such thing.

This legislation will clearly accomplish it’s intended purpose pissing off parents while failing to restrict access to the evaluations.

Alternatively: he does, knows full well most of the ratings will get out, doesn’t mind at all, and is backing this purely as a political gesture, throwing a compromise sop to the unions.