Andrew Heyward: it's been weeks AND months!

CBS News President Andrew Heyward promised an independent investigation which would report in “weeks, not months” on the shocking fact that CBS News relied on laser-printed, MS-Word formatted documents purporting to be 30-ish years old.

I cannot imagine why the investigation has yet to be concluded.

Perhaps it’s proving to be much more complex than was originally thought?

He said he “hoped” it would take weeks, he didn’t promise it would. Watch your quotes. :slight_smile:

Besides, I’m sure it will take weeks. Maybe several dozen weeks. :wink:

Of course. What was I thinking?

My high regard for Louis Boccardi and especially for Dick Thornburgh lead me to believe, at this time, that your relatively innocuous proffered reason for the delay is indeed the correct one.

Rather is resigning, so maybe things are broiling in the background…