Andrew Wakefield speaking in Boston

Not sure if this needs a new thread (the one on vomit-related porn seems oddly apt), but Boston-area Dopers might be interested in knowing that Andrew Wakefield, disgraced anti-vaccine researcher will be speaking at Brandeis University from 7:30 to 9 tonight.

Wakefield was recently struck off the British medical register (equivalent to having one’s M.D. license revoked) after having been found to have published unethical, poorly conducted and possibly fraudulent research purporting to find a link between the MMR vaccine and autism. The result of his Lancet paper (since disavowed by his fellow authors) was a marked drop in vaccination and subsequent resurgence in measles cases in the United Kingdom.

Recently Wakefield has been meeting with Somali parents in the Minneapolis area worried about the MMR (measles has made a comeback there too), continuing to stir up antivaccine fears and trying to defend his fouled reputation.

It’d be nice to see a good crowd of skeptics and immunization supporters at Brandeis to greet the good doctor.

More info here.