Andrew Yang updates

It’s one thing to satisfy your curiosity and another to create a post to correct me on an irrelevant point.

No, I didn’t misspeak. I was summarizing what Yang said in that interview. He was talking on a high level, big picture way. He wasn’t trying to delve into the details.

It has been frustrating talking about Yang’s policies because people like to take his facts and numbers, which he refers to often and then expect you to drill down into the detail at the same time as talking about the bigger picture. It’s possible to do both but not simultaneously for every single point all the time. Following people people down a rabbit hole while trying to talk about the big picture policies has made Yang threads here not as productive as I would have hoped.

That’s fair.

Ignorance fought. Does not surprise me in the least; I have not heard the exact numbers, but the concept of “the real race is in the primaries” and primary voter turnout is much less than general election turnout makes a lot of sense to me.