Android 6 upgrade on Motorola E 4G LTE and now can't move stuff to SD card

I’m not losing my mind. Apparently I need to reformat the SD card as internal storage now in order to move apps to it. The problem is I don’t know how to move files and pictures back to internal memory so I can reformat the SD card.

Here’s someone saying the same thing. The solution isn’t obvious to me.

Anyone know anything about this?

Thanks in advance.

Files and pictures could be transfered to a PC when the phone is connected to the computer, it’s a simple drag and drop. Once the card is formatted, then drag and drop from the computer back to the phone. App data, on the other hand (and I’m thinking this may be your concern) might be hosed if you can’t transfer it to the phone’s internal memory. You’ll likely have to reinstall or re-download it after the formatting.

I just did this with my Moto X Pure, but since it was a fairly new phone there wasn’t much data in the first place. I did buy a fairly fast card (USH-1) but the phone warned me that it wasn’t fast enough. I installed it anyway and so far no problems. Even so, if I did it again I’d probably use a USH-3 card. At any rate, I think it’s a fantastic feature, I added 128 GB for $40.

Can’t do it with a PC right now. :frowning:

Check for another update, the one last month for my Samsung Galaxy 5 re-enabled moving data around. Also you do need to make sure you are using a current file manager compatible with the 6 update. File Manager HD version from Cheetah Mobile vai the playstore (free) is what I use.

This will also work if you have no PC access. SanDisk - Ultra 32GB Micro USB/USB 3.0 Flash Drive - Black