Android: How to abort attempt at three-way call?

If I’m on a call, and then click Add Call to call a third party, normally once that party answers I can click Merge Calls to create a three-way call. However, if the third party does not answer and I get their voicemail, if I click End Call then it also disconnects the original call.

If a third party does not answer, how do I abandon the attempt to merge calls and return to the original call?

How to attempt an Android Three-Way?

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To the OP, do you have a “Manage” icon? That is what you’re supposed to tap in order to mute or disconnect individual participants in the call. If your phone doesn’t have that icon then you may be stuck.

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Thanks for that. I’ll check that the next time I start a conference call, but it doesn’t sound like it will work. Your link says it is only shown once the conference call is established, and I am trying to kill the second call before I merge the two calls.

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