Android internet app has a memory leak?

I have an HTC Desire, currently running a Leedroid ROM, but the problem was there even when the phone was with the stock ROM.

It looks like the default internet app has some kind of memory leak. Whenever I am not using it the phone runs smoothly for days. But as soon as I start using the internet app the phone starts slowing down progressively unti it is pretty much unusable and a restart is required.

I’ve tried task managers but no dice. I recently downloaded a memory booster and this seems to work.

Is there a problem with the internet app and why?

Android is a pretty shaky platform and the internet browser is a pile of shit. Bizarre that the makers of Chrome would do such a bad job. I’ve found that restarting the network from settings usually frees up that frozen browser and general slowness. Try using Opera or Dolphin as your browser from the Marketplace. Since I added Dolphin I’ve not noticed the issue any more.


No, I’m not starting a fanboy pissing hijack. I use Android, and it’s my opinion, though it’s not an exclusive one.

I had the same symptom a couple of times, but never connected it to the browser. However, simply because I disliked the browser, I installed Dolphin Browser, and have had no such problems since.


Is the “internet app” the browser? Since 2.2, the browser does a lot of caching, clearing the cache might help. But if you are using flash, that could be the problem.