Android phone with good battery life?

Anybody have an Android phone with good battery life. I have an old G1 that does not last long at all. I prefer to stay with T Mobile but I could move to another carrier. Also I want a 4G phone

Unless I play too much Angry Birds (which happens a bit too often), my Droid X does fine over the course of a day. Just Internet and Phone use doesn’t kill it. I do have to charge it over night every night but pretty much all smart phone require that.

My Samsung Epic 4G (Sprint) is good too; I actually rarely use the 4G, and if I’m somewhere with a poor signal it drains the battery, but overall I can’t complain. I charge it nightly as well.

On the other hand, my good friend has an EVO and uses it no heavier than I do and has horrible battery problems.

I have a Droid X. If I turn off Wifi and set the brightness down to about 33% (still plenty bright), I can go most of a day without going below about 1/3 power, if left unpugged. But i keep it plugged in a lot while using, so it seldom hits even 50%.


I have the new Samsung Galaxy S 4G and have been wondering about battery life. I also have T-Mobile.

When I bought it, the salesperson told me to take the battery out every night (?!) which I have not done, but I do need to recharge the battery every day. Then again, I use the phone a LOT! I have radio on often, will watch some live streaming, check the news, read SDMB, etc. I am very conscientious about using the Task Manager to shut off any apps that I am not currently using - this has helped greatly in extending battery life. And as wheresgeorge04 says, keep it dim unless I really need to brighten the screen.

The good news is that it does re-charge quickly - probably only takes about 2 hours to fully charge a nearly depleted battery.
The bad news is that battery does sink quickly during the day, so often I will have it plugged in when playing music in the background.

The battery that came with my G1 eventually became mostly useless, but I found a replacement on Amazon for $5 including shipping. Really only brought things back to the battery life it started with, which is pretty mediocre, but sufficient for me. And at that price, it’s hard to go wrong. Heck, you can even get a spare.

I have a Droid X. When I first got it, it couldn’t go the day without a charge in the afternoon! Then it did a software update and I finish the day with about 30% left over, sometimes more. I use it quite a bit.

I have the Droid X as well. When I first got it, I had to recharge it at some point during the day every day, even though I had it plugged in all night. Since then I’ve learned to live without live wallpapers, keep the backlight setting in the off position; you can see the screen just fine with it off, keep wifi and GPS off unless I’m using them, and deleted Advanced Task Killer which was killing my battery running in the background. Now my battery lasts throughout the day.

I cannot speak about the phones in USA.
But some general tips for saving batter life on any android phone (mostly covered by onomatopeia ) if it is not rooted:

  1. Do NOT use the Task killer apps, they are more trouble than they are worth. If some application is really consuming a lot of power (you can check the consumers in the settings screen). The best thing to do is to uninstall that app.

  2. Keep Wifi, GPS, Bluetooth off unless you actually plan to use it. I use a widget thingie on my homescreen that lets me control all the wireless and display options easily.

  3. Display backlight set to lowest brightness. This is a big saver.

  4. Disable background data transfer if you don’t need it.