I have a question related to testosterone replacement therapy. First of all how do you find out if you need this and I see alot of Mixed martial arts fighters use this, this is most commonly associated with males in their 50’s-60’s but can affect younger males.

Go to your doctor and have a blood test done for testosterone levels. If it’s low, you’ll need testosterone replacement (supplementation is a better word). Comes in injectible form and skin cremes, as well as a transmucousal buccal tab. MMA fighters and other athletes using testosterone is for athletic advantage (it’s the steroid of steroids), not because they have a testosterone deficiency.

There is a simple blood test to check testosterone levels. There are two numbers, both total testosterone, and testosterone that is free in your blood. There are other hormones that regulate activity in males, but IME a family doctor doesn’t pay a lot of attention.

A doctor will order a blood test, ask some questions about energy, libido, etc., and determine from there whether to start therapy. Some doctors will treat just to get in range, others like to see levels on the higher side of “normal”, and should continue to monitor both levels and symptoms, possibly referring you to an endocrinologist if not able to “fix” it.

This book has amazing reviews on Amazon, but I didn’t find it worth the $20. It is very approachable, though, and with a minimum amount of woo-woo natural medicine in it. The same guy also wrote [url=""this book, which has way more, and varied information about male health (particularly HIV+ men, but almost all of it helpful to all men), including most of the information available in the other book. The problem is having to read through the inflated nutritional claims. Other than that, I really like that book.

And yes, low testosterone can affect younger males. I started on testosterone when I was 23, my total testosterone was below 400. It’s possible to be hairy, balding, deep-voiced, and still have low testosterone, apparently.

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Oh yeah. And it’s possible to have a normal libido, and be unable to “act on it.”

Whatever low-testosterone symptoms you have, don’t assume they’ll go away with your level is brought back to normal. Your loss of energy, libido, strength, etc. can all be attributed to other causes. If this is the case with you, you still need your testosterone to be kept at a certain level, while you explore other reasons for your symptoms.

Here’s a recent article in Outside magazine, AIUI, this is the kind of treatment the MMA types are probably doing. It’s also how anti-aging treatment may be done, which is probably a different dosing than from straight low testosterone, I think.

I have no professional opinion about this.

I’m 45. My libido was lagging and I’d read about a connection between low T and depression, something I’ve dealt with on and off for years. I went and got tested and my levels were a little low. I was prescribed a topical cream which I apply every morning. Three months now and it seems to be helping.

This is a blossoming “pseudo-legal” industry; the medical manipulation of men’s natural testosterone levels. Being the gym rat that I am, I know of several middle-aged (or approaching middle aged) weight-lifters who have frequented online clinics which have doctors who will turn a blind eye to the actual legitimacy of the need for certain hormonal medications/steroids and “legally” prescribe a hormone/testosterone program for the men. It is totally above and beyond “replacing what is lost due to aging”. It is basically legal juice.