Andy Kaufman & Bob Sagat!

I thought this wasn’t really Pit-worthy, so I decided to put it here.

I saw part of the “Salute to Andy Kaufman” on Comedy Central earlier this evening, and guess who one of the hosts was. (Well, you don’t have to guess if you read the subject.) Bob Sagat! That’s right, Bob Sagat! WTF? When doing a tribute to one of the most cutting edge comedians of the past 30 years, why pick the epitome of bland humor? Taxi versus Full House; Andy on SNL versus Bob on America’s Funniest Home Videos – not much of a comparison. Bob Sagat even had the nerve to say Andy had a profound influence on him.


Bob Saget is really the most subversive, cutting-edge comedian in the world – he’s just pulling the wool over everyone’s eyes by pretending to be a boring pathetic dweeb for a few decades. In 2015, watch out! He’ll take off the mask and reveal his essential nature.

That sounds just about as fitting as it would have been for Don Rickles to have delivered the eulogy for Kurt Cobain.

Christ. Bob “Could I be any more bland” SAGET???

That’s just nauseating.

I just cant ever forget Bob Saget in Half Baked

“Did you ever Suck Dick for Pot, I did.”

Bob Saget is a comedian?

Hou the hell could y’all tell?

I’ve never been a fan of Bob Saget, but has anyone else seen his stand-up from before Full House?
I saw a tape of it. I was completely blown away that this guy who had been on a family sit-com for so long (and another show which I won’t name, lest I be struck down) could be so dirty! His stand-up was really raw.
Though, I still don’t think he should have hosted the show. I could see the comparison they’re drawing (“groud-breaking comedian joining a sit-com” idea), but just because Saget was shocking doesn’t mean he was ground-breaking. Also, Kaufman continued to create while on Taxi and beyond. Any humour Saget had (and I don’t think there was much) he has lost.

Yeah, I read somewhere that Candace Cameron said Saget could be very dry, sardonic and potty-mouthed at times.

THAT would be entertaining, just for the shock value of it all.

Somewhat surreal seeing Danny Tanner swear, I guess.

I agree, This is a total outrage!! What is he doing?!? Completely different type of comedy!!