Andy Rooney's modern art rant

Andy, I couldnt agree more, modern art that means squat to 99% of its audience is worthless junk that shouldnt have left the storage facility. Publicly displayed art is the vox humana, and if it isnt the voice of the people, the artist is a pretentious self indulgent that shouldnt have public or otherwise funding for his/her crap.

Im all for artistic freedom, but you’re free to make whatever you want in your pile of mashed potatoes at home. Dont put them in my streets and promenades where I have to look at them. Do something good, like Michelangelo, or DaVinci…what? Too hard? Perhaps another career choice is for you.

Having been involved in a long and heated thread on just this subject a couple of years ago, I know just where this needs to go.

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Ahh pre-emptive censorship. I didnt realize this was the superbowl.

Your post wasn’t deleted, just moved. I don’t see any censorship.

:dubious: Read your OP lately?

My other choice was CS. It didn’t belong in IMHO.

In the pit, there’s fewer rules, and the speech is more free. It’s kind of the opposite of censorship putting the thread here.

Modern art that means squat to 99% of its audience will never see the light of day.

I suspect what you meant to say was modern art that means squat to 99% of the population as a whole. Well, may I humbly suggest, fuck the population as a whole.

Guess what. Football means squat to me. So what? There’s no reason football should have to change and become something I like. Football is for football fans. If football makes football fans happy, then god bless football.

All I have to do is ignore it.

But, but, but . . . this crap is getting funded!!!
Your rant didn’t say art shouldn’t be funded. Just that pretentious self indulgent art shouldn’t be. Well who are the city officials who put this art in your streets and promenades? They’re the ones who decided that this crap represents the vox humana. Vote them out, and vote in someone who agrees with you about what makes good art.

I agree, most of Andy Rooney’s recent sculpture just straight-up sucks, his paintings on the other hand, wish they could suck.

CMC fnord!

As I understand the rules, the Pit exists to keep threads that contain language that might offend some people in a separate environment. Its like a lepor colony, threads not meant for “mainstream society”, and need to be quaranteened behind a disclaimer (the title of the . My OP was only possibly offensive to creators of modern art, but unlikely so. It was a statement made “In My Humble Opinion” with regard to modern art, so yes, I do take some exception to the movement of the thread based on what MAY transpire if the thread develops as a similar thread did two years ago.

Andy Rooney’s Abstract Man Titty

(Paraphrasing) Sturgeon’s Law:

“90 percent of everything is crud.”

And its corollary:

“But the remaining 10 percent is worth dying for.”

It’s interesting that you reference Michelangelo. I seem to remember his work being painted over by those who objected to its graphic nature. Perhaps that was different? :dubious:

Look at the premiere of musical works that we consider important classics now. There were riots, fist fights, even duels. Many painters sold their works for a pittance and died penniless before their genius was recognized. I consider myself relatively familiar with the arts, and I don’t have the perspective to judge whether it will stand the test of time. I rely on curators and other artists to render their opinions, and to determine what to display. Personally, I really don’t understand people covering themselves in chocolate and walking around on a stage. And I consider a cross in urine to be deliberately offensive, irrespective of the artist’s avowed intent. But even though I wouldn’t patronize those shows, I certainly wouldn’t dream of asking the artists to be silent.

Yes, today we’d just move him to the pit.

I’m not asking anyone to be silent. I also dont want them screaming in my ears as I walk down the streets where I have to walk to get to work.

Yes, its just voting. Thats all we can and should do. Forget protests, disagreements, messageboards, or having an opinion outside of the polling booth. Yes, voting is the ONLY thing we can do when our govornment does something we dont like.

And who the fuck made you boss that suddenly gets to decide wether or not art is good or bad? A piece of art is what it is and it can be beautiful to some and hideous to others…it’s in the eye of the audience. Who knows… someone might see Johhny’s mashed potato creation and become inspired, moved ,or feel any emotion at all…and if they do then maybe the artist has done the job they set out to do. If you aren’t digging it then maybe its not for you. If we all had to create things that were safe and appeal to everyone we would never progress and would spend all of our time listening to Mozart and reading Beatrix fucking Potter.
Just because its not for you (or that bushy browed fuck) doesn’t mean that its useless…get over yourself.

Well, it just did.

Everything you say about art is exactly right…and that is exactly the reason that art should not be publicly funded.

Yeah, Rooney’s rant was pretentious. Art needs to be funded, even when you don’t love it.

I’m willing to assume that you don’t dislike art or don’t think it’s worthy of funding, but you’d like to see things you envision as art.

Find some like-minded individuals and burn some books while you’re at it.
Okay, too far, but I fail to hop right into the “I don’t like/get it and I’m paying for it, so it shouldn’t be” type of logic. Some of them, I don’t get either. I certainly don’t think it should be stopped. Aren’t there better things to bitch about?

I don’t think you’d get any artists saying that they are too hard, but you’ll get plenty saying that they are too extant.

Me sitting around painting like DaVinci isn’t art. I’m not DaVinci. (I’m not a painter, but you get the idea.) I can write a poem (I am a poet) that sounds something like Robert Frost, but if my goal is to sound like Robert Frost what’s the point? Frost already wrote his poems. He wrote quite a few. And now he’s dead. If he had never existed, writing like him would be worthwhile. But he did, so it isn’t.

Art doesn’t exist in a vacuum. The fact that past artists existed is what changes present and future art into what it is. We can’t stop the clock. We can’t always stand still, doing the same thing over and over and over. That isn’t art; it’s manufacturing.

Since when does having a dissenting opinion make one “the boss”? All I did was express an agreement with an opinion expressed by Andy Rooney. I dont actually get to decide what art gets funding and what does not. I do, like you, have the right to state an opinion in a public forum…that I partially fund as a member.

I’m not 100% certain about this, but I would guess that football is getting a lot more of a lot of American’s tax dollars than public art is. Why should my tax dollars go to building new stadiums with lots of private boxes for the rich? And don’t give me that ‘it will bring in new jobs’ crap either. All those low-wage sweepers and grass-cutters and parking lot attendents don’t pay in taxes in a lifetime as much as a mega-stadium costs. And frankly I find it much more of an eyesore than the worst modern art, and the fans clog up traffic during every game. You’re right about throwing the bums out.

Are you saying that art shouldn’t be funded at all? Are you trying to say that because someone might object to it, it shouldn’t be funded?

If art and expression isn’t worth fighting for, what is? How free is a society that has no Freedom of Expression?