Angel 11/10 - "Do you have any weed?"

I should be finishing up a take home test but instead I’m going to start this week’s Angel thread. I find I work best at 4am when I’m in a blind panic.

Overall I give this episode 9/10 and have to say I like where this season is heading.

Things I liked:
• The narration by Lorn. I liked it and really thought it worked for this episode.
• “I have a fool proof memory spell.” Sure ya do Lorn, sure ya do.
• Wes and Gunn confrontation. Would this relationship pattern be a love square or some other shape of overlapping love triangles? I’m bad at romance geometry.
• “Actually what she said is ‘May you orally please the gods.’”
• Reversion to youth instead of a total mind wipe.
• “Hell is a lot nicer than my place.”
• “Did anyone else have to take a personality disorder test recently? Where they ask about your bowel movements and if you want to be a florist.” (I think there was a third thing she mentioned, but my brain is fried from doing a take home test all day so I can’t remember).
• “Do you have any weed?”
• “I say its time the English got what’s comming to him. I’m rooting for the slave.”
• “I’m invisible.” “No you’re not.”
• “You know what would make this better. Some weed.”
• “Those were some exciting products weren’t they? Let’s all think about buying some of them.”
• “Your ass better hope I don’t look that word up.”
• The father discussion.
• Lots of other stuff that I don’t want to clutter the post with.

Things I wasn’t sure about:
• Connor and the whore. I’m still not what to think about it, even though I know it was setting up for Cordelia’s later promise.
• Who the hell was Lorn talking to? What kind of psycho talks to an empty theater or does Lorn get to break through the fourth wall now? When I saw he wasn’t telling the story to anyone I was a little wigged out.

Things I didn’t like:
• The trippy pre-memory loss part was kinda annoying to watch, just visually.
• Cop out on Liam’s accent. They should have used a taser in training David until he could get it perfectly. It would have given the episode at least a fourth of a point more.

Anyway next week’s looks like it’ll be neat. It looked like dead birds were crashing into the hotel, and that’s always a sign of good ol’ pseudo-Biblical the end is nigh stuff.