Angel news: S4 on DVD avail 9/7

Season 4 will be avail on 9/7/2004. If you’d like to pre-order at, they’re offering 35% off or $38.99 with free super shipping.

S4 is the 2nd best season of the show, IMO, with S3 being the best. The DVD has some good extras, including commentaries by David Fury and Andy Hallett on The House Always Wins, by Joss Whedon and Alexis Denisof on Spin the Bottle, by Vern Gillum and Steven DeKnight on Apocalypse Nowish, by Terrence O’Hara and Jeffrey Bell on Orpheus, by Steven DeKnight on Inside Out, by Jeffrey Bell on The Magic Bullet, and by Tim Minear on Home.

It also includes outtakes on S4, which should be fun.

Also, in TVGuide this week, Boreanaz said that he would not do t.v. movies of the week based on Angel, but he would reprise the role for something “more challenging.” Crossing my fingers.

Hooray! This box contains one of exactly two episodes of the show I’ve never seen. I was busy being deathly ill at the emergency room one night when it was on, and I never managed to see the missing episode. Soon my Whedonverse DVD collection will be complete!