Angie Dickenson gets it off her chest -Angry Angie Dickinson Performs Steve Reich on Lee Marvin

Well… I liked it.

What next: a split-screen Linda Lovelace performing Four Organs?

You know, the phrase “come out to show you” is common enough I wouldn’t be surprised if it hasn’t been part of the dialog of some movie, somewhere. Might make for a good mashup if anyone could find a clip.

I love youtube. That is hilarious…and very cool from a musical standpoint. I really enjoy Steve Reich’s work - what a fun/twisted way to make it happen…

(pssst… “come out to show them”)

And I totally agree.

Very cool clip. Thanks.

“Angie Dickenson gets it off her chest” - a phrase that would have boosted Kleenex and Vaseline stock prices in the late 60s…

This reminds me of Lasse Gjertsen’s videos, such as Amateur and Hyperactive.

Is there a name for this style of music? I see it referred to as stop-motion in a few places, though this doesn’t seem entirely fitting since it involves editing together very short full-motion clips with audio.