Anglo-Saxon Treasure Hoard Displayed

An Anglo-Saxon treasure hoard discovered five years ago by an unemployed metal detector in Staffordshire is assembled and displayed. This is breathtakingly beautiful, and I love that it was found just off the A5, which was the old Roman road: for Americans, that’s like finding Tutankhamen buried next to the I95.

Thanks for not spelling it “horde”.

Well, they may have been a horde, but they were a horde with a hoard. Who whored.

“Was Eric there?”



Sorry. I’ll show myself out. But those pieces are gorgeous.

What an awesome find for the treasure hunter! Those are some wicked cool looking pieces!

Beautiful and amazing.

I thought the piece with the warrior faces bore an interesting slight resemblance (stylistically) to the face imprinted on the Shroud of Turin - probably pure and meaningless coincidence.

IIRC, the red jewels are garnets. Still valuable, but not like rubies, per se. Interesting how much of the jewelry is cabochon-cut. They hadn’t figured out things like faceted gem-cutting.

The British History Podcast has several episodes about the Staffordshire Hoard with interviews of some of the people involved. It’s all quite fascinating.