Angriest Song

What is the angriest song you can think of?

The two that come straight to mind for me are You Oughta Know by Alannis Morrisette and Positively 4th Street by Bob Dylan.

I suspect you meant to put this in Cafe Society?

John Brown …Dylan under the name Blind Boy Grunt

Definately, for me, Solid Rock, Goanna.
They were standin’ on the shore one day, Saw the white sails inthe sun
Wasn’t long before they felt the sting, white man, white law,white gun
Don’t tell me that it’s justified, 'cause somewhere, someonelied
Yeah well someone lied, someone lied, genocide
Well someone lied, oh, ahh
Next would be, Midnight Oil, Short Memory.
Short Memory
Conquistador of mexico, the zulu and the navaho
The belgians in the congo short memory
Plantation in virginia, the raj in british india
The deadline in south africa short memory
The story of el salvador, the silence of hiroshima
Destruction of cambodia short memory
specially love the bit where Garret screams out ( do we think ) are we Gods or men?
These are both from an Australian perspective tho, if you asked me to choose from other countries, the results would differ.

Zombie, the Cranberries, would be a good choice too,
tho i reckon
The Conquistadors, the Inquisition etc were prob equal in just how far ‘exploration’ and civilisation can sink to…
its called ‘progress’

Margaret Thatcher sure inspired a lot of angry songs:

Tramp the Dirt Down by Elvis Costello (about dancing on her grave)

Margaret on the Guillotine by Morrissey (self-explanatory)

Stand Down Margaret by The English Beat

I consume hardcore, punk, and nails for breakfast, but the angriest song I’ve ever heard, in execution, is by far Veleno Mortale by Old Time Relijun off of Catharsis in Crisis. Straight bitterness, seething with rage, now in Italian!

The Revolution Will Not Be Televised: Gil Scott Heron

some of the stuff by Public Enemy.

Sun City.

Relocation to phony homelands
Separation of families I can’t understand
23 million can’t vote because they’re black
We’re stabbing our brothers and sisters in the back

I ain’t gonna play Sun City

Our government tells us we’re doing all we can
Constructive Engagement is Ronald Reagan’s plan
Meanwhile people are dying and giving up hope
This quiet diplomacy ain’t nothing but a joke

Not very good quality, but the Pop-up video on YouTube shows the context and artists that had a beef with South Africa’s Apartheid and against performing in Sun City, South Africa.

“I Hate” by Overkill seems a good candidate.

Welcome to the Terrordome by Public Enemy
No Vaseline by Ice Cube
Wildflower by Ghostface Killah

Nice ones. I’m surprised you didn’t include
Grand Master Flash and the Furious Five - The Message


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Oh yes. Also: mississippi goddamn and piece of ground

edit: the band played walzing mathilda (more bitter than angry, though)

Death on Two Legs-Queen

off the top of my head:

Break Stuff by Limp Bizkit

Angry Chair by Alice in Chains

Pretty much anything by Rage Against the Machine

“Tear This Motherfucker Up” and “Enemy” both by Ice Cube. As a white male that owns golf clubs, I’m pretty sure Mr Cube wasn’t speaking to my demographic, but I still loves um.

Thoughtless - I think by Korn but I have the cover by Evanescence.

All of my hate can not be found
I will not be bound by your thoughtless scheming
Well you can try to tear me down
beat me to the ground
I will see you screaming.

“Head Like a Hole” - Nine Inch Nails

The White Man’s Got a God Complex,” The Last Poets

Jerk Off,” Tool

Love the song, but angry? It’s a very funny song. Satirical rather than angry.