Animal bones in water filters !??

Does anyone know if this is true? Most water filters, for example PUR and Brita use carbon filters. One type of carbon is charcoal. And charcoal is often made of charred (burnt) animal bones. For example, charred animal bones are used in manufacturing to filter raw sugar into white sugar. This is, according to American sugar manufacturers, because charred animal bones are a higher quality filter than charred wood.
Right now, I am trying to find information about where the carbon used in water filters is generally sourced from (animal, vegetable, or mineral), but I am running into many dead ends in my research. There seems to be no information available on this issue.
Any help would be appreciated.

If you are worried about it, just use one that uses fibers or reverse osmosis.

“It is best to contact the manufacturer of a given filter product to determine what char they use in their filter.” From a site talking about kosher. If you’re trying to find this sort of info on google, the term is ‘bone char’.

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Brita filter uses only charcoal made from coconut shells. They say their product is 100 percent Vegan. I dont know about PUR. Their filter is made by Proctor and Gamble, big fans of animal testing, etc.
Check out their website at

Yes, actually I was concerned more about PUR, because Ive emailed them quite a few times and they havent written me back. So, Im not sure whats going on with that…