Animal Quarentine in Great Britan

I had read in the past that someone bringing animals, I’m thinking pets here, not cattle or the like, had them quarantined for some period of time. This was to prevent the spread of rabies from the Continent to GB.

I’m wondering if this is still the case as the Chunnel makes transport easier, what with all the trains and cars moving back and forth. Perhaps there’s a stream of rats making the trip as I type this question. :wink:

If I lived in France and were to come to GB for an extended vacation, would I be able to bring Muffy along for the trip?

The Pet Travel Scheme deals with this.

Looks as though that answers all the questions. I can even bring my pet from the USA.

I’ll admit that I’m not planning on doing this, but was more wondering if things had changed from what had been reported in years past

Thanks for the link.