Animated series for adults?

Are there any non-Japanese animated series that are aimed at adults? It would seem that with anime having been around for so long, some other country would take a stab at an animated series with deep narrative, complex characters, etc.

Graphic novels are definitely widespread, but most I know of were turned into movies, and live action at that. Have any been animated, like a manga to anime adaptation?

There’s a James Bond parody called “Archer” on one of the cable stations, TNT or something. I watched one and it wasn’t bad, with some genuinely clever lines.

Avatar is aimed at kids, but is a good series for adults, too. It kind of looks like anime, but it isn’t.

Archer is on FX. Venture Bros. on Adult Swim sounds right up your alley.

Futurama baby!

It’s American anime made by and for weaboos.

King of the Hill, South Park and Futurama are the main three that you should check out- in that order.

I didn’t know that. I thought anime meant it had to be Japanese. I’ve never been a fan of Japanese culture(I mean, I’m not obsessed with it), and I’m not a huge anime fan, but I like what I’ve seen of Avatar.

Definitely try Venture Brothers…it started out as a sort of Johnny Quest parody, but quickly moved to enjoyable plotlines with well-developed characters. I’m also a fan of Metalocalypse (also on Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim), but that may be more of an acquired taste.

I think it is a silly distinction, especially since a lot of American and Japanese animation (including Avatar) is actually made in Korea.

As you can see from the suggestions, American animation is mostly limited to comedy, and there are some very good ones. Futurama, Daria, Archer, Metalocalypse, etc.

For non-comedy, Batman: The Animated Series is still the best.

Are we talking just “animated series” or “animated dramas”?

The latter might be pretty hard to find, actually. Especially if you want to further qualify it by saying “dramas specifically meant for adults,” not just “non-comedies that are actually meant for younger audiences, but have a number of adult viewers.” Which could still be nearly all of them.

“Invasion America” from a few years back comes to mind—it was originally aired in primetime—though I never watched it, myself to be sure.

I’ll check out Venture Bros., but the other shows mentioned really aren’t what I’m looking for. As far as modern American animation goes, I love the golden age of The Simpsons, but even that’s not what I’m after. Think Naoki Urasawa’s Monster, Cowboy Bebop, Mononoke from Toei Animation, etc. If V for Vendetta or Watchmen were adapted into an animated series, that’s something I’d be after.

I’m probably hunting for something nonexistent, but I can only find out by hunting. Should I just stick to anime? I really haven’t seen much anyway.

ETA: Animated dramas would be a better way to think of it, yeah.

Anime is a style. Yes, the literal definition refers to animation originating in Japan, but if animation originating in Japan didn’t have a distinctive style there wouldn’t be a word to describe it specifically. Thus I’m going to refer to anything that follows that style as being a part of that style.

Boondocks? It’s not exactly drama, more satire/parody but very good.

The greatest show ever on television: Metalocalypse.

Close 2nd: Aqua Teen Hunger Force.

I can’t believe I’m the first person to mention Aeon Flux. Sure, it was on MTV, but it certainly wasn’t aimed at kids.

Speaking of, also The Maxx.

I have no idea if its available via legitimate channels as I haven’t watched it since it aired on MTV.

For those interested in Aeon Flux, the complete animated series is available through Netflix streaming.

Thankfully, it is!

One of my favorite animated shows of all time.

The Head is also available on DVD.

I always liked Tripping the Rift but I’m not sure if it’s available on DVD, I also enjoy Red Vs. Blue. The Amazing Screw On Head was one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen, unfortunately there was only one episode.

But Avatar, while having obviously Asian characters, never felt truly anime to me. Stuff like Teen Titans or Totally Spies felt more like they were really using anime tropes.

Then again, I haven’t seen Avatar all the way through, but just the first few episodes. But I think it looks more like an amalgamation of western and eastern looks.

What would change my mind is that sweat drop or chibi forms, which I do not remember seeing.