Anime - What are you watching ?

Like I said before :

So fellow anime watchers, what are you watching these days ?

Tell me about your favorite shows, what am I missing out on ?

One Piece

stretchy arms and a reindeer who changes size at will

Most recent anime I have watched was Cowboy Bebop. I kept hearing about how good it was so I bought a DVD with the first few episodes on it. I was somewhat disappointed. The animation wasn’t very good and the stories were fairly typical for anime, nothing special. About the only good thing was the music.

Well, aside from seeing Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust (my god the animation is gorgeous), which I thouroughly enjoyed, I haven’t seen much new good anime. I did laugh uproarously at Armitage: The Third, for it’s pretensiousness. It’s a shameless Ghost in the Shell imitator, featuring a herione who reminded me of Alita/Gally, but whinier. Alita usually wore more than that, too :rolleyes:.

Also saw Perfect Blue not long ago. Great, possibly brilliant, film. Masterful use of suspense, and good at teasing the brain. All that said, I never, ever want to see this movie again.

:looks around: Damn the new board’s funny looking. All these buttons and stuff.

But anyway… Other than some hentai (just kidding, really), I’m more or less going the “retro” anime route. I still have to finish the KOR TV series, the third(?) season of Kenshin (everything after Shishio), and the horrible HK sub of Yu Yu Hakusho (I figure I’m ~60 episodes into the series). I also have the Cowboy Bebop box set, but I have no idea when I’m going to watch that.

I also watched Love Hina and Furi Kuri (FLCL) in the last few months, so I guess I’m a bit ahead of the curve on those…

Excel Saga. It is by far the most fucked up, bizzare, and hilarious anime I have ever seen. The two main characters are these girls working for this coorporation trying to take over the world. One has some form of life threatening disease and is constantly coughing up blood, while the other one in all her zeal and love of her job constantly dies. Of course, because the show is about her, the “Spirit of the Universe” (displayed as a small universe with well manecured womens hands) keeps ressurrecting her. Because world domination hasn’t happened just yet, and she’s poor, she keeps this cute little dog along as an “emergency food supply.” It’s very ridiculous, very sporadic, and every episode ends with the dog singing over the credits. It’s not a talking dog, so it sings in wimpers and howls, as a woman in the corner of the screen translates his lement about being a supstitute food source, but if you’re going to eat me, please do it soon before I get all tough and hard. It’s damned funny.
Also, I’m rewatching Trigun with some friends. I never saw the whole series, so that’s good. It’s definitely a good series, althoguh I’ve been told to stop watching it after episodes 17 or so.

I alway keep the Ninja Scroll near the DVD when I need a quick fix of some beautiful violence.

My daughters are totally into Oh(or sometimes Ah), My Goddess. Almost too much Sailor Moon-type action for me to sit through. Although the DVD version has an option where it will play with no voice over what so ever. Then we all pick what people we’re going to be and make up some really funny dialog, MST2K-style. It’s a clever feature that is alot of fun.

Just started watching Yu-Yu Hakusho–it’s an interesting concept, I’ll probably follow it for a while. I’m also starting to watch Slayers.

I also watch Cowboy Bebob occasionally.

So true. I feel the same way about Trigun that I do about the X-Files: the best episodes are the campy and funny ones, not the “mythology” ones.

At the moment I’m just watching Cowboy Bebop, trying to watch the new block of anime on Cartoon Network’s Saturday night Adult Swim but they’re too weird for my tastes (plus I never did like Gundam). I’m going to see about borrowing a friend’s Evangelion collection. I’ve always been curious about Eva, but never seen it to satisfy my curiosity.

I’m slowly working my way through Slayers .
Lina Inverse & crew, in a demented parody of some Japanese animator’s old Dungeons & Dragons game.

We just finished Cowboy Bebop, which rather startled my expectations of shounen anime. A group of friends is getting together on Saturdays (though not for the past few weeks) to watch Ceres, which has been interesting, and we may proceed to Angel Sanctuary. We’re still waiting for the second season of Utena to become available out here.

A friend of mine and I are holding out for Yami no Matsuei. It’s been licensed, but I don’t think release is in sight any time soon. We’re also holding out for the release of the X TV series that’s airing in Japan right now (or just ended). I suspect we’re in for a long wait. Curses.

And I knew there was something I wanted to rent this weekend. Vampire Hunter D. Another friend of mine watched that and loved it…so another title goes on my long, long list.


I recently finished Cowboy Bebop and Haunted Junction–enjoyed both. I’m currently watching Seikai no Senki 2 (the 3rd Crest of the Stars series), Utena (slowly, with some friends–a little bit goes a looong way), and Digi Charot (aaagggh, make the bleeding stop). I’m also watching the first season of Ranma 1/2 now that I’ve got the DVD box set. I’ve got a fan sub for the rest of the first season of Lupin III coming in (eps 5-16, I believe) next. Next project will probably be digging up more Crest of the Stars (I’m digging the epic, character-driven space opera), and seeing if I can scrounge up a copy of Blazing Transfer Student and Combustible Campus Guardress.

RaCha’ar – if you didn’t like the end of Trigun, I really don’t recommend jumping into giant mecha anime with Evangelion. :slight_smile:

Damn, also forget to mention the first El-Hazard OVA. And the fact I don’t get out much. :smiley:

I hated Cowboy Bebop when I’d just seen the first few episodes. Then a friend convinced me to give it another chance. It gets a lot better after the first DVD. It’s now on my top ten list.

I’m watching Ceres with matt_mcl and some other friends. Ultra-Shoujo, very much a soap opera, but I like it. I’m also watching Serial Experiments Lain. It’s brilliant, but I’ve learned not to watch more than two episodes in one sitting. It’ll break your brain…

I’m also seeing Neon Genesis Evangelion – my all-time favourite – for the fourth time. It’s probably the only series I’d actually invest the money in to buy every episode.

You know, this is purely IMHO, but you may want to stop after season one of Slayers. Slayers Next and Slayers Try, while still good and funny, just lack something that the first season had. I think they just gave Lina too many quick fix super spells for my taste. I’d get into it more, but there are spoilers involved, so I’ll leave it at that.

The movies, OTOH, are still quite good.

I’m enjoying the different Tenchi series. Especially noting all the differences between the original and the edited CN versions. And it’s surprsingly good. I thought it would be as formulaic as Sailor Moon but I thought the second series was great. Ryoko really surprised me particularly, maturing in a surprising way. But the third series (on Toonami now) is nowhere near as good, too cartoonish. The first series is Sunday’s on Adult Swim now.

I would have great fun writing and directing a movie in this series.

Jubei Chan the Ninja Girl: Secret of the Lovely Eyepatch

Even though this series isn’t my cup of tea I think it is pretty good. The premise is as follows. Jiyu Nanohana is just your ordinary school girl. Recently her and her father moved to to a new town and she’s attending school. Jiyu’s nickname is Jubei, a name she shares with one of Japan’s most famous swordsman who died about 300 years ago. Turns out that she’s the spuiritual succesor to Yagu Jubei and when she dons his “lovely” eyepatch she becomes a great swordsman. The series is well drawn and some of the comedy is actually funny. For the most part I don’t find anime humor to be all that funny.

Princess Mononoke is one of my favorite anime movies of all time. It is pretty mainstream and you’ll find it at Blockbuster, Hollywood Video, or anywhere you can buy DVDs.


I collect my animes one dvd at a time so it takes me forever to get a whole series, but its more fun this way (.well not really but I cant help not having mad bank ) :wink: .So Ive just ordered Session 5 of Cowboy Bebop (Finally almost complete!) and Ive been meaning to collect the Robotech dvds but I forgot to buy any after the first set of 12 episodes :frowning: .Im also trying to collect Neon Genesis Evangelion. Im up to episode 14 of Evangelion. Ive been buying these series three for almost a year now. Its tough collecting expensive dvds when your under 18 and have no job.

I enjoyed CowBoy Bebop! (but took AGES to collect the whole series). It’s nice in a sort of zone-out way. And it’s wierd seeing Singapore in there too (up near the end of the series). But I gotta urge any nay-sayers to watch right through, cos the ending’s very much worth it, and somewhat heart-wrenching. And if you can see the Movie, ‘Cowboy Bebop: Stairway to Heaven’, that’s pretty nice too. Takes the animation to a whole new level!

We’re also enjoying my Studio Ghibli Boxed set (from Taiwan). Basically, it collects EVERYTHING that Ghibli have done! The set is Japanese language with English or Chinese subtitles. My only qualm -the subtitles ran out in the last five minutes of Laputa, so I have no idea what was said (Chinese subs ran out too, so Wifey couldn’t translate that bit neither!), but doesn’t seem to be too terrible, nothing really happened!

And when Spirited Away comes to a cinema near you, SEE IT, SEE IT, SEE IT!!! This thing is so damn beautiful! It ran for a good few months here in Singapore, and shows so much more style than Mononoke. Kind’ve set in the same universe as Totoro