Anita Hill Today?

Anita Hill was one of the most polarizing figures of the end of the 20th century. Did you believe her, did you disbelieve her, was she the agent of some shadowy conspiracy, whatever.

The question is – where is Anita Hill today? I know that at one point she was teaching at the University of Oklahoma, but she doesn’t seem to be now. Anybody have any info on what she’s doing today?

She does a lot of public speaking gigs. She has taught at Oral Roberts University Law School and Brandeis Law School (which is the most recent information I could find).

The behavior she attributed to Clarence Thomas–and I don’t doubt a word of it–sounds more like “socially inappropriate” than “sexually predatory” to me. Of course, I wasn’t on the receiving end of it.

It’s also worth noting that David Brock, a prominent Anita Hill attacker and author of The Real Anita Hill, has since recanted his claims against her, and later admitted in Blinded by the Right that he was a “right-wing hit man” who wrote slanderous attacks against folks like Anita Hill and Bill Clinton for his conservative benefactors.

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Ultimatley it’s almost entirely “he said - she said”- He may or may not have been have been inappropriate, but if he was, her willingness to follow him from job to job after the fact doesn’t really speak too clearly as to the traumatic outrage she later claimed she suffered in the hearings. Was she legitimately aggrieved or was she pointed at him to destroy his nomination? Only she and Thomas can know for sure.

Several other women were all lined up to testify against Thomas but the Democrats got tricked into a time limit on the hearings which the Republicans then dragged on with a bunch of “witnesses” for Thomas that of course weren’t around when he did his stuff and therefore had no knowledge of the events at all. This was reported only in the non-mainstream media at the time. The “liberal media” (ha-ha-ha) of course didn’t report it. Later, books were written giving these women’s accounts. Conservative columnists of course ranted about this “late” information but every single one of them knew during the hearings all about it. So much for ethics there. Thomas clearly has serious problems, lied about the events under oath, and should never have been confirmed.

His tenure on the SCOTUS has been marked by illogical and uninformed decisions. Luckily, there’s another even worse justice on the court so he’s considered only “second worse”.