Ann Arbor, MI - How far from Central Time Zone

How many miles (as the crow flies) is Ann Arbor, MI from the eastern border of the Central Time Zone?

Roughly 150 miles. Parts of northwestern Indiana are on Central time.

For practical purposes, you could say it’s 60 miles at the moment. Indiana is freaky so the rest of the state is still on EST, while Ann Arbor is on EDT. So they are an hour apart, just like a time zone difference. But that’s not technically Central Time, even though it is the same hour as Chicago which is CDT.

I found this map after a quick search on Google. A little bit if Indiana is in the Central time Zone, and I’d say that this the closest part. (Ann Arbor, MI is a bit west of the greater Detroit area, for all of you non-Michigan Dopers. It’s where the University of Michigan’s main campus is located.)
As for how many miles that would be – you’re on your own. It’s late, and I need to get to bed.

I should mention that the easiest way I know to calc air miles between arbitary points is to use Microsoft Streets & Trips. Something that’s actually not on the web!