Ann Coulter on BBC

Just heard a great sentence from female Skeletor (Ann Coulter) being interviewed on BBC:

“Not everything Hitler did was bad!”

She was upset that McCain used a “flowery way of comparing Trump to Hitler.”

Just made me chuckle and had to share :smiley:

Sadly, she’s correct. The Nazis implemented the Reichsautobahn.

Let’s not be absurd. It well may be that Hitler advocated a policy of not dropping heavy spikes on one’s head, or believed that six times eight was forty-eight. Of course not literally everything the man did was wrong.

But when we hear the phrase “Things Hitler did,” we don’t typically imagine we’re discussing drinking water or arguing that argon is a noble gas. We imagine things Hitler did that are more uniquely attributed to Hitler.

So literally, yes, the statement is true. But it’s trivial, if used in that sense.

He killed Hitler. That has to count for something.

Lots of people with bright ideas looked to his, as to any government, democratic or dictatorial, for support and investment.

Like both democratic and dictatorial governments, he went in for investing in major public works (which included any of those bright ideas that could be fitted into his ideology) as a means of combatting the Great Depression, as well as promoting his ideology and grandiose ambitions. Only, in his case, a major part of that was also massive over-investment in the military. And the total effect of all that spending on public works was to run the country into financial trouble that gave extra impetus to actually using all that investment in the military to look for an empire in the east to pillage - and all that went with it.

Not everything any government does is bad.

Conversely, not everything Ann Coulter professes is like Hitler.

Wow. As in, that’s exactly what I was going to say but said a whole lot better. Not even gonna try to add a bit in my own words like I usually do when this happens.

Her absurd trollery has made her a wealthy woman so far. Why would she stop now?

If anything, she’s needed to heighten the absurdity to stay relevant in the presence of so much wacko competition.


This is scary. Her book titles have been verging on “Let’s Round up the Liberals and Gas Them.” already. Maybe she’ll start going after moderates and such. She needs to read up on Stalin’s salami slicing method.

Syphilitic cunt.

My only explanation is that she’s somehow actually a liberal and trying to make conservatives look bad by acting like a complete loon.

Nah, I don’t see her on the liberal operative NOC list.

No, he argued that gassing was noble.


Out the door, line on the left, one hand basket each.