Anne Rice dead at 80

Her son Christopher has broken the news on social media within the last hour.

My mother was a fan of her all the way back from when Interview with the Vampire was first published, and I read a good share of her novels myself when I was a teen/young adult looking to read something edgier than I’d been allowed to up until then. I never really cared for much of the erotic aspects of her writing (and a good deal of the stuff in the Mayfair novels is very problematic these days), but they were entertaining little things to pass the time with while riding the bus around town or on a Sunday afternoon when there was nothing on TV to watch. She was definitely an inspiration to a generation of supernatural fiction and romance/erotica authors - for better or for worse, we wouldn’t have Twilight, and by extension Fifty Shades of Grey, without her, and though her later writings were never as good as her early stuff, her presence in the world of fiction will surely be missed.

She certainly reshaped how we look at vampires with Interview with the Vampire. I read a few of her vampire books and I enjoyed them. She had a good run and leaves a legacy that’ll be with us for a while.

She was one of the first modern authors I read when I started reading grown up books- loved The Witching Hour especially and the first Vampire book. I am sorry she won’t live to see the new Interview with a Vampire tv series and I saw they have also green lighted Witching Hour series as well.

I read Interview With a Vampire after liking Sting’s song, Moon Over Bourbon Street, which was based on it. I remember liking it too, but thought the sequel, Lestat, dragged a bit, and when its climax was just a setup for another sequel, I gave up on her. Still, she was definitely a big influence on horror fiction and teen romance.

Zombie! vs. Mardi Gras (1999) is a film the director intended as a mash of George Romero zombies, a Roger Corman budget… as directed by Jean-Luc Godard. It’s intentionally absurd, and nearly no one got the joke. Anyway…

A video crew is looking for an alleged zombie in New Orleans. In the course of their search, they do ‘man in the street’ interviews. One Zombie! fan says, ‘I just read Intercourse With A Zombie by Anne Gravy…’ Rice and gravy is a staple of Cajun cooking, and the filmmakers were disdainful of the area’s pop culture; hence ‘Anne Gravy’. (George Rodrigue’s ubiquitous Blue Dog also gets skewered… well, run over.)

Do you think we should drive a stake through her heart just in case?

RIP, Anne. I liked your early books, but after a while they got sort of schlocky, then I stopped. But I really liked the early ones.

IIRC, the stake-through-the-heart trick doesn’t work on Rice vampires; only fire or sunlight can kill them for good.

I know, but it was the old Peter Lorre quote. Couldn’t resist. :wink: