Annie Lennox, 1954 -[still rocking it] edited title v2.0

And she’s still crushing it, every minute.

Well, that was ominous.

Bit of a scare there.


Her music has been in heavy rotation for me this summer.

She will be missed.

But not yet!: Annie Lennox - Wikipedia

But one day she will be!

DON’T DO THAT! I thought she was gravely ill when I read the thread title. :frowning:

That sister is just doin’ it for herself.

Damn, the OP made it seem like she was walking on broken glass or something.

Would he lie to you?

She’s dead???

Well, I TOLD her not to mess with a Missionary Man!!!

Aw gee, no more I love you’s.

Who’s that girl?

One question, HMS Irruncible, WHY?

Dun dun dun!

ETA: No, seriously, is there a point to this thread?

OP? Did you step away? Walk away? All I want is [del]the real thing[/del] an explanation!

What? I didn’t say 2016.

I had kind of a premonition. Not actually a premonition, just a realization that if the pattern is Lemmy, Bowie, Prince, then Annie needs to be really careful and get plenty of fiber.

I don’t know Annie Lennox personally or anything but I still got a nasty jolt seeing that!

It has been a hard year for music, I can imagine that’s why we’re all a bit gun-shy.

You committed a SexCrime!

This just in- she bled to death after walking on broken glass.