Annie or Britta?

I think I could handle the personality of either charactor fairly easily, but on looks alone, I don’t see any contest.

Britta is certainly attractive, but Annie is extremely severely pretty.

Annie, despite the fact that I am closer in age to Pierce, and have daughters Annie’s age. I voted for “sexy” not for “which could I picture myself with.”

Especially since Abed and Jeff did a great job defining just what is wrong with Britta last night.


Britta reminds me of a girl I had the hots for (and went out with briefly) in college. So, Britta all the way.

They haven’t even gone one complete season yet. How can you have faith in their staying power?

Sam and Diane?

Am I in some bizarre alternate reality where people actually think Annie is hotter than Britta?! This is insane, Britta is by far the hottest woman on television.

Nah, Annie’s way hotter to me. Although I am somewhat surprised at her lead in the poll. I thought it would be more evenly split, with perhaps Britta slightly ahead.

Just going by snapshots, I’d say Annie in a walk. But I have no idea who these people are. Searched for “Community” in U-Verse and came back with nothing.

I went through my brunette period. Without a ginger choice I’m back with the blondes who infested 7th & 8th grade, when my tastes were solidified.

The actress who plays Britta cleans up well when she’s not on the show. It’s like they are making her slightly less attractive on purpose.

My example of Gillian Jacobs “cleaned up” was on an interview on Attack of the Show several months ago.

Oddly enough, I almost* agree with that sentiment. The reason I like Annie is her personality. Britta is too cocky. She’s too much like one of the boys. Annie, on the other hand, reminds me of almost every girl I had a crush on at college.

It’s another case where I thought I was picking the underdog, and was wrong. Annie is merely cute compared to the hottness that is Britta.

*The psych professor is hotter, IMO. And there are much hotter people that are just a lot less popular.

And I married a “Britta.” :wink:

Voting for Britta.

Annie’s hot, no doubt, but she’s too nice for my taste.

I like a bit of bitch in there somewhere, but then again I might be flawed that way.

If we’re talking about which actress, that’s easy- Annie. She’s smokin’ hot.

But if we’re talking about the character, I’d have to go with Britta. Annie isn’t too smart, and I think she’d get annoying after a while. Britta, on the other hand, is smart and sarcastic as hell… and you just know she’d be a freak in the sack.

Definitely. Annie and Britta are both beautiful, attractive, cute, etc. But Professor Slater is smokin’.

They’re both very attractive, but I like Britta’s personality better and I find her “hot” in a way that Annie is not. Annie is cute, pretty, even beautiful, but so far at least is too naive/neurotic to really be sexy to me.