Annie or Britta?

This is a tough one, I know. To make it tougher, I’ve decided to eliminate “both at once” as an option, because then there’d be no point in listing any other options.

I’m picking Annie, but it’s a close one.

I chose Annie. There’s very little question in my mind that she’s hotter. But Britta is much cooler, and is the person I’d most want to date.

Not in a sexual way, 'cause I don’t roll that way, but Annie. Definitely.

And this is from Community, for anyone curious.

(Is it that difficult to add the name of the show/movie/comic book in these polls? Maybe I’m the only person who gets irked by this, but… dang it, I do. )

I’ve never seen the show, but a little bit of research on the 'Net suggested that it was indeed that. Since I’ve never seen the show, I’d have to abstain, but Gillian Jacobs (Britta) looks prettier to me.

Britta definitely.

Annie, no question. Britta is hot, but would ultimately piss me off if I spent too much time with her. Annie would be way more fun.


Thank you for that. I’ll be in my bunk.

Annie is hotter, but Britta is who I’d rather hang out with.

You’re not the only one. I can’t decide if it’s profound laziness or some bizarre passive aggressive need to act “in the know” on the OPs part.

I voted for Britta based solely on looks, but damn it was a close one. I generally prefer blondes so I think that’s why. But, the show tends not to show much of Britta’s body because of the style the character wears and Annie’s is unquestionably bangin’. I’m taking it on faith that Britta’s is on par, but I reserve the right to change that opinion.

Anyone who chooses Britta is a damn fool in my opinion.

Thank you. I’ve been googling “Annie water filters” for about an hour now and have gotten nowhere.

The actress who plays Britta was nekkid in the movie Choke. Google + that should boost her in the rankings.

Well, considering I don’t go for orange-haired eight year-olds, I’ll go for this Britta girl, whoever she is, assuming she’s legal.

If he goes for Britta I’m quitting. When two of the majorcharacters in asitcom endu with each other it’s the end of funny – Drew Carey, Friends, Scrubs, …

Thanks. When I saw this I first thought Life on Mars though I had no clue who Britta could be.

Based on their characters, Britta is a lot more my type. I would have some fun with that girl, lemme tell ya.

Based on the actresses’ looks? Hoo boy. Don’t make me choose.

Solely based on the actresses looks I say Annie, then Professor Slater, then Britta.

That said, I certainly think Britta is absolutely stunning, but both Annie and Professor Slater are two of the most attractive actresses I can EVER recall anywhere.

If that dressing room backstage at “Community” could talk…

Brita on looks and maddening personality.

I have faith that Community (and Abed) could handle it wonderfully. They already did quite well with the ‘One character drunk dials another/sees another naked in the shower/declares love’ trope.