Poll: Favorite Community Member

Now that *Community *is off the air due to low ratings (until it goes off hiatus next Spring), I’ve had to get my fix from YouTube and other websites with dribbles of Community content.

So I figured I’d start a poll thread for fellow Community fans.

Go by whichever criteria you choose. I went with whomever would impact the show the most if subtracted from the cast.

Troy. What can I say, I’m a DonGlover fan.

silly me - I thought you were polling who your favorite Cafe Society community member was.

I do love the show Community - hope it really does come back.

Troy because I have a crush on him. I love Abed also, but I don’t *love *love him.

Well I love Alison Brie, because, well…but my favorite character is probably Troy

Tough choosing here, but I have to go with Abed.

I watch comedy shows for the humour, and I find the Dean to be the most consistently funny character, I think.

Annie’s boobs.

Then the Dean.

I chose Annie just because her personality is very similar to mine (both the good and bad parts), except the part about getting addicted to Adderal and flunking high school or whatever her backstory was.

Funnily enough, last year someone actually told me that I look a lot like Alison Brie. I only wish that were true! There are a few similarities between us, mainly the hair and eyes, so I guess I kind of see it.

I voted Abed because I think he embodies the sensibility of the show.

But Troy is really, really funny and makes me laugh more than anyone.

Then again, I think Britta has been hilarious lately.

Don’t make me choose!

Definitely troy!

I voted Britta because of her pizza song and dance.

It was a close one, but I have to give it to Troy because of his emotions. HIS EMOTIONS!!!

It’s hard to choose since I like all the characters (including Pierce), but I was waffling between Abed and Britta. But then you reminded me that Britta’s the worst and that clinched my vote for her.

Seeing how Annie’s boobs aren’t an available option, I’ll just go with Annie.

Britta - it’s always something new with her. And FWIW she comes off as the most “real” for a Community College student (yes, I know the show isn’t going for “reality”).

While Abed is endlessly unexpected (and Danny is very good at the character) I can’t help but see that he’s basically a version of Sheldon from Big Bang Theory, he would fit right in that show as a nemesis.

Troy get’s a lot of love, but I find his pop-eyed froze-face bit to be mugging of the worst kind.

I love that Abed and Troy have the same number of votes right now (and it’s thanks to me)!

I love them both, they remind me of me and my best friend. But Abed is more me.

The show would suffer losing any of the seven core characters, they strike such a great balance.
But I voted Abed because he is the glue that holds it all together, the audience proxy, the greek chorus, the moral center, and so forth. And he’s funny.

Wow. I’m the only one to vote for Pierce. His best moment was in season 1 (I think) when Troy and Abed turned him into the Cookie Crisp wizard.

I’ve thought before that if I were independently wealthy, it might want to find a community college, hide my PhD, and become Pierce…

Jeff Winger. Because the real bugs aren’t the ones in those beds. And there’s no such thing as a free Ceasar Salad, and even if there were, The Cape still might find a second life on cable.