Annoying Appearing-Disappearing Icon

I’m not sure how to describe it but here goes. An icon suddenly appears and disappears in my taskbar. I’m not familiar with the icon and I’m not able to see it clearly because it just stays there for a split-second. I’m not able to make out the pattern when it will appear.

I scanned my computer using ESET and Malwarebytes and nothing shows up. I’m bothered that it might be a keylogger.


Where on the taskbar? Is it showing up like a program or is it over by the clock?
If it’s over by the clock, is it actually disappearing or just hiding? Trying clicking the little arrow that displays all the icons and see if it reveals itself.

Also, if it shows up with any regularity, try to be ready with with your finger on the Print Screen button and get a screen shot.

Was it a notification?

It’s almost certainly either some sort of notification, or else an automatic update or something similar that was installed by the manufacturer of your computer. I have an HP computer, and every so often I’ll see an HP icon pop up very briefly in the taskbar, and then disappear. The CPU goes active at the same time, so it’s obviously an update process or something like that.

It’s showing up like a program. It happens every now and then and there seems to be no definite pattern.

caught it guys! what could this be?

Looks like a picture associated with some type of scanner or camera software. It may be a driver some drivers or legitimate software cause nuisances like that. If you don’t want it popping up you have to stop it from starting or uninstall it by the uninstall feature in windows or task manager.

Looks like a Control Panel icon for Printers and Devices.

Don’t have a clue as to what program or system app is causing it to pop up.

Could be a wireless printer or camera that’s intermittently connecting? If you don’t have such a beast, it might even be a neighbor or something if you’re somehow inadvertently connecting to their network, or they yours.

I haven’t seen this issue myself, but found a site with a bit of an explanation and instructions for how to switch it off - Camera and Printer Icon, pops up for half a second and disappears

I can’t confirm any of that, up to you if you want to switch it off or not.

Do you have an item in the print queue? Your computer might be trying to print a document periodically, but the printer is unavailable.

Just a guess based on the printer on the icon.

Saw this through google too. It seems to work. The icon does not pop anymore. I just don’t know what else happened by disabling it. Anyway, thanks guys.

This page has more information, and explains how to figure out which software was causing the problem in the first place.