Annoying Computer Problem - Opening Links and Document Shortcuts

I don’t think that this issue is caused by a virus of any sort - I am well protected and run scans every day to check, but who knows?

Anyway, internet links within Outlook emails are very slow to open - sometimes taking minutes to open in Firefox. The way I have been getting around this is to copy the link from the Outlook message, and paste into the address field in FF.

Also, Word and Excel documents stored in My Documents or on my Desktop take minutes to open, or sometimes never open at all. They seem to open the application, but the actual document never opens. The way I have been getting around this is to open the application first, and then open the desired document after the app is running.

This doesn’t happen with pdfs or jpgs or zips, but I just noticed that it does happen with Quicktime files.

I have deleted all tmp files, defragged and cleaned the hard drive and registry, and run all of my maintenance utilities - all to no avail.

After a computer restart, the problem seems to go away for a while, but comes back very quickly.

Any ideas how to solve this annoying problem?

What anti-virus app are you using? Have you tried turning it off (or turning bits of it off) to see if the AV app is slowing things down by scanning links and documents before opening them?

AVG. No, I haven’t. I’ll try that.

I did try this, but to disable AVG, actually “Resident Shield”, one must restart the computer. When I do that, the problem goes away. At least for a while.

I’ve been using AVG for years now, and never had this sort of problem while running AVG, so I doubt this is it.