Annoying fruit labels

I’ve noticed an annoying trend. You know those sticky labels on fruit that tell you who the distributor is or what variety of apple you’re looking at? Now they seem to be using a much stronger adhesive and the stickers have those little slices on them to make them difficult to remove in one piece. Yesterday I bruised the hell out a perfectly fine Macintosh trying to get the damn label and the glue off my apple. The glue does not seem to be water soluable either…

What’s up with that? Surely there wasn’t a big problem with people switching the labels between the Macintosh and Granny Smith apples trying to cheat the store out of a few pennies? Anyone know the real reason?

Those things ARE annoying. I’m pretty sure they have to be edible, though, so it’s not going to hurt you if you eat it or the glue. Also I’ve found that the labels are easy to get off if the fruit is dry. If you’re like me, though, you always notice the label while you’re washing the apple before you eat it. It’s just about impossible to get off then.

I bet they’re for the cashiers, since they have the product code number on them. I run into them all the time- they can’t tell the difference between a turnip & a rudabaga. God help them with all the different varieties of apple out there. And you better believe that there are consumers out there who will chew your @$$ off for ringing up your 48¢/lb granny smith apples as 49¢/lb fuji apples.

I agree with opus. I’ve certainly seen the cashiers referring to them.

I hate them also, but especially on tomatoes, since I never seem to remember until I’ve sliced the tomato and then I have to remove bits of label from bits of tomato and it’s a real disaster.

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I hate those stickers on my produce. They can individualy wrap the food if they want to put on a sticker that doesn’t peel off easily. I can live without individualy labeled produce myself.

Off topic a bit.

Mom bought a lamp and the cashier put a piece of store tape on it to mark it payed for. We got out to the car and couldn’t get the tape off. We took it back to the service desk and told them to either get the tape off or get us a new one off the shelf.


Hey, I think you’re on to something. I’m going to demand that the cashier remove all produce labels at the checkout!!!

And those little stickies go on at the orchard or whatever… My aunt mails me a few MacIntoshes from ME each year and they have the same sticker as the ones from the store here in VA.

Sounds strange but she knows I love them and she used to be able to get to the orchard for the super-sized-too-big-to-ship Macs. Now the apples are probably grown in plastic and never get bigger than the 2.5" graded size.

I read an article not too long ago that certain orchards have sold other companies on the idea of advertising on those little lables so that consumers will see the add as they take 20 minutes to successfully rip the damn thing off.

That’s capitalism for you.

I can remember when Chiquita started labeling their bananas. It was in all the trade magazenes.Hailed as a great marketing ploy to build “Brand loyalty”.All the growers started using them,at least on a banana you don’t have to worry about the label. I designed a few of those little itsy bitsy things ,not much ‘canvas’ to puy my brilliant art on. [I did enjoy designing produce boxes for the grower/shipper, some of them were just good old country boys who wanted a picture of their new grandbaby,their new house,and their new tractor incorporated into the design.Others didn’t care what the design was,just so long as it really stood out in the ware house so that when the wholesaler got an order for 5 crates of lettuce the dock boys naturally headed towards his boxes.] The ink,adhesive,and substrate (paper) are SUPPOSED to be ‘food grade’ maybe not edible or digestable but at least not harmful. Some of the adhesives are sugar based but any one who has tried to get tree sap off a car knows how sticky that is. I know the adhesive guys at our plant gave some thought to ease of removal VS durability,but that doesn’t mean every one does. The easiest way I have found to get um off is with a knife,take the rind or peel off behind the label.You could also use WD40, which adds a nice industrial tang to fruit.

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oops, i forgot, ( under the label is the only Alar free spot on an apple)here are a few things santa has tried when putting fruit in the stockings and doesn’t want any on to know he shops at the same produce stands that I do, (which reminds me, there are labels on nuts now,I have to replace the one on my forhead after every shower) cooking oil ,specially on those anti tamper labels and waxed apples,specially the ones that have been waxed AFTER the label was put on.Warm a knife on a stove burner for waxed fruit,try to melt the wax and adhesive and scrape off the label. GRAIN,not RUBBING, alcohol,like a good single malt scotch,Santy likes trying that even if it doesn’t take the label off. Use a piece of extra sticky tape to peel it off (duct tape, if you can’t do something with duct tape,WD40,or drywall screws it’s not worth doing) If all else fails put a santa clause sticker oover the label. Course I haven’t got a piece of fruit in my stocking in years, Sanity Clause usually gives me a turnip.

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