Annoying Xmas Music!

I live in a small town just outside of NYC. For the last two years, the town has broadcast REALLY LOUD Xmas music on loudpeakers all over town, for the entire month of December. Everyone I’ve spoken to–even Christians–find this annoying and intrusive. I wrote to the mayor last year and he said it was done through money donated by a private citizen, not with town funds.

My complaint is two-fold: first, I object to having Christian music accost me every time I walk down the street. Second, it is REALLY CRAPPY MUSIC, like what you’d hear on a 1971 rerun of Lawrence Welk. I could deal with Handel or Bach, but not Andy Williams!

So, do I have a case? I’m going to write the mayor again and ask him to please spend the money on something everyone could enjoy, like floral decorations. But I know he’ll just go, “lousy heathen!” and throw my letter away.

You can’t fight City Hall. An individual can’t, at least. Try a petition with your felow residents.

Sounds like you might have a case with “creating a public nuisance” or something like that, Flora. Too bad that “driving everybody in town bugshit” isn’t a crime on the books.

The Cat In The Hat

When complaining to city hall, I wouldn’t take a “seperation of church and state” posistion on, however. That will just piss people off. “Noise pollution” is a much less loaded term, and you will be much more likley to get results because you will garner the support of a larger group. Now if you are less interested in results, and more interested in making a point about the insiduous ways that the state supports a particular religion–then raise the Xtian angle.

If I took up a petition, I’d wind up with swastikas painted all over my house, and probably a cross burning in my yard.

Sadly, it’s not town-sponsored, it’s from funds donated by a private citizen (though it is done THROUGH the mayor’s office).

I agree that Public Nuisance would be the way to go, as it is a 98% Christian town (as far as I know, I’m the only Jew in town, and I’m not even a “real” Jew). Who would I file the objection with, though, since the nuisance itself is coming via Town Hall? If I file it with them, or with the police, they’ll just “put it on hold” till January!

I cannot stand all X-mas music. Work in a record store during X-mas season and see how long you enjoy it.

My favorite X-mas tune is The Kinks doing an original “Father Christmas” which has a great Ray Davies riff and generally sounds quite Cheap Trick-like in excecution.

Oh, and Elmo & Patsy need to be shot sometime.

Yer pal,

Two of my pet peeves: canned Christmas music everywhere for the entire month before Christmas; and organizations deciding to “treat” the public to music you can hear half a mile away (usually churches playing bells).

Combine the two!? UGH. I’d be considering getting a sniping rifle with a night scope, and doing some vigilante noise reduction.

During the month of December,and November I shut off all the displays around me that make noise, then I shop. Did I mention doing this for the months of August, September and October when the displays first come out?

My favorite holiday song is St. Stephen Day Murders by the Chieftains. The Bells of Dublin album.

I suppose if you knew somebody who has a broadcast PA system, you could set that up nearby and blare something really obnoxious over the top of theirs. For best effect, use something people think is satanic - maybe marilyn manson? If it’s good for the goose…

I’m not a real big fan of the inescapable christmas music either. It wouldn’t be so bad if it was for a week or so, but around here christmas lasts over 3 months. It’s currently September 13th. One local store has some christmas things out already.

peas on earth

I like Christmas music…but NOT for the whole month (or two, or three…) before Christmas. By the time Christmas rolls around, I’m about ready for Marilyn Manson, I get so burned out on Christmas music.

My grandfather was a television newscaster for a bazillion years, but he got his start in radio. His rule, on his radio show, was no Christmas music before December 24th. He was very, very popular with his listeners.

Try finding a sympathetic Christian who finds this annoying (and there are many) to submit the petition. You’d probably find Catholic clergy to be the most sympathetic.

Your town already may have a noise pollution law on the book. Then you can get law enforcement to deal with it.

If your town doesn’t have a general noise pollution ordinance, get the legislators to enact one (outside of Xmas season). And then get the law to deal with it once Xmas comes.


In the last town I lived in, they had Christmas music downtown, too. There were people who lived above the stores and it was very, very loud to them. They played it all day and it lasted throughout the wee hours of the night.
The people who lived above the shops downtown started a campaign. They petitioned, they wrote to the editor, they called and complained. They finally reached a compromise. They would play the music, but only during working hours (9-5).
Everybody won out…the people who wanted Christmas music got it, and the people who lived next to it could actually sleep at night. I was visiting a friend who lived in one of those places, and it was LOUD. We couldn’t hear ourselves think…it was like someone was playing music on 10 an inch from your ear. We had to shout to hear other.

Sometimes life is so great you just gotta muss up your hair and quack like a duck!

Well, I guess all I’ll have time to do this year is just write to the mayor, and if that doesn’t work (which it won’t), to the local paper. I don’t guess the ACLU would be able to help?

I could deal with it for the few days surrounding Xmas, or even for a week, but the whole goddam month? They switch it off after 9:00 P.M. and I can’t hear it from my apartment (otherwise I would buy a rifle!), but it is very annoying to walk down the street and have Burl Ives shouting “Holly Jolly Xmas” in your ear. I avoid the main streets and duck down alleys just to avoid the loudspeakers.

Well, I’ll be moving next year, and I think I will ask residents about this problem before I move to a new town . . . And people wonder why Xmas is so hated by so many, Christians and non-Christians alike? I’m not even gonna MENTION the hideous lawn ornaments!

Flora…as a former New Yorker (upstate), I happen to know that there is a State Supreme Court case directly related to your problem. If you have a lawyer, have him check out “Antwerp;” if you have access to Westlaw or similar, look there yourself. The incident occurred between a family working night shift and a vehemently proselytical church in the village of Antwerp in upstate New York. I don’t have the names of the litigants but it should come up under the community name (and lawsuits involving Antwerp are few enough it should be easy to isolate).

“Jingle Bells” – those freakin’ dogs that even PETA wants euthanized.
“I saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus” – The kid should’a kept looking. Now that would be a carol!
“All I want for Christmas is My Two Front Teeth” – I’d knock the rest of 'em down his throat.
“Christmas Time is Here” – The Chipmunks. If ever there was a reason for roadkill.
“The Chestnut Song” – sung by Mel Torme.
The entire “Partridge Family Christmas”. Whose brilliant idea was it to re-release this to CD?

Christmas is here, folks!

I was in the mall yesterday (that’s SEPTEMBER 13th, ONE WEEK after Labor Day) and one of the department stores was playing Christmas music and selling little toy dancing Santas.


Sorry, I just had to get that out of my system. I’m OK now. :slight_smile:

The Cat In The Hat

CheifScott Quote,
“I saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus” – The kid should’a kept looking. Now that would be a carol!

Your wish is my command. Hehehe.