Anonymous dumps Wikileaks

Anonymous has withdrawn its support for Wikileaks. They have lost patience with Assange, saying that he has drifted too far from his original mission in pursuit of celebrity.

I think Wikileaks will do just fine on it’s own. Unless Anonymous was supporting it financially?
Besides, Anon has it’s own site for that kind of thing, it’s not like they need Wikileaks to do their own thing.

I don’t know. Anonymous isn’t really just speaking for themselves, here. People that support Wikileaks did so because they think the information should be freely available. Making it a pay site is pretty damaging to that. And it’s also a sign that people have stopped supporting it enough that Assange can just use donations.

And Anonymous has a leaking site, one that isn’t on Tor and is thus actually accessible to most people?

Now I can’t find what article I read, right after reading the OP, that stated that they did. Thought it was called Hackleak or somewhat similar, and it was at least a couple years ago. Now I’m doubting myself; I know I didn’t make it up, but I can’t find it!! Grr
Doh…it’s a link at the bottom of the page in the OP.

All I get when looking for it…gotta google, I guess, since the link isn’t in the article…is a page or two of stuff my comp won’t/can’t read 'cause I have all kinds of stuff turned off. So no promises that it actually exists, if it ever did. I guess.

But clearly Anon has the ability to do it’s own -leak type site. Whether they want the responsibility for it is another thing…

I think it would be better if Anon had their own ‘leak’ site. Wikileaks has been pretty dead for quite a while now. I can’t imagine who, beyond reporters, would pay for access to it.