Anonymous Spoilers for Two Current Movies

If you can guess which two I’m talking about, you can save yourself $8.50 a pop!

  1. He dies.
  2. She dies.

Movies are now $12.00 a head in Calgary, so I appreciate the thought.

#2 is of course, Dancer in the Dark…
#1- um,um…I suck.

I must hang my head in shame, for i can’t even think of any current movies…when did I get so old that almost all of my ties to pop culture have been severed?

William Shatner??? Hopefully this will put an end to his feeble attempts at commercials…

I don’t know about you guys, but shatner’s signing/rapping/spoken word crap has actually influenced me to avoid

I do, however, remember the name…

The mother in the latest disney flick?

Ever notice how a lot of parents die in disney movies? Does any one else find that disturbing?

#1: What Lies Beneath?

#2: I dunno…

I believe that 101 Dalmations is one of only two animated Disney movies with both parents intact. Can’t think of the other…

Obviously a reference to the DarkWave Film Festival. Well, I’m still going damn it. It’s not just about the destination, it’s the journey that counts.

  1. Gladiator?

#1 refers to Darth Vader, and #2 refers to… Ripley in Alien3?

  1. Pay it Forward?

Peter Pan

You’re forgetting Mulan, xizor. And how about Lion King II? Both of the main character/heroine’s (I forget her name) parents (Simba and Nala) are alive.

And would Mary Poppins count? Disney movie, but not a cartoon.

Simba’s dad dies and his spirit goes up into the sky and spells s-e-x.

But that’s in The Lion King, not The Lion King II: Simba’s Pride.

  1. Pay It Forward.
  2. Pay It Forward.

…and the kid would get it, too.

They were all run over by a truck. The end.