Another #1000 party (yawn...)

OK folks, admit it - you’re as ::yawn:: excited ::snore:: as I am… :wink:

My friends say I should act my age, what’s my age again? - Blink 182

Woohoo! Woohoo! Go Firefly!

No really, I am excited!


Changing my sig, because Wally said to, and I really like Wally, and I’ll do anything he says, anytime he says to.

Yay for Firefly!

What’s my count, now?

I sold my soul to Satan for a dollar. I got it in the mail.


Go Rufus go rufus go rufus!

You always use violence. I should’ve ordered glutinous rice chicken.

Thanks, guys. :slight_smile: It feels really significant to be, what, about the 38th person to go over 1000 posts here. (Hence the yawns; these things had been getting fairly common lately, so I thought it might be time to underplay my arrival at the 4-digit mark. But I still wanted to at least mention it.

So thanks again…I couldn’t have done it without your great posts to respond to! :wink:

WTG Rufus!

Congrats & thanks for bringing me one post closer. :slight_smile:

I brought some nice Cotes du Rhone…

  • Sue

And if I lived anywhere near El Paso, I’d offer to drive over and help you drink it!

I always enjoy your posts; happy to help you on your way to the magic number! :slight_smile:

Hell, any excuse to have a virtual party and to get one step closer to a two post a day average.

You’re a good man, Charlie Brown.

P1K, huh?

Well, don’t stop now, Rufus. I always read your posts.

Don’t say, “Who cares?”

I’m going to crack a bottle of my best wine in your honour. Bob&Dave’s Fine Plonk. Vintage 2000. Hey, it’s $6.40 a case.

Keep 'em coming, Rufus. :slight_smile:

…and to help me achieve that goal, I’m announcing right here, in RTFirefly’s gathering, that I shall hit 1,000 post no later than August 9[sup]th[/sup]. However, I need help to think of a punishment if I don’t achieve that milestone. . .

You sohould have to use the Phrase

“I am a Dingbat and my opinions dont count”
as your sig for a whole month.

that sound ok?

Krusty Opinionated told me to use American Swear words. so I will.

“Bite Me”

Wally - no way I’ll stop; I’m having too good a time here. And I love your sig lines, btw - especially your recent one about ‘once we pull the pin, Mr. Grenade is now our friend.’ That and neuro-trash grrl’s current sig (the one about rednecks and braille) got me to start keeping a file of favorite sig lines.

And I’ll have to send you a congratulatory bottle of Ripple when you enounter the Post2K mark!

Surgo, Sterling - keep on pushing, guys; I know you’ll get here soon enough. And your posts are always worth reading, which is far more important than numbers. :slight_smile: