Another addictive game - put your name on a train with the power of Flash!

When I say addictive, I mean addictive like a cocaine, heroin and Snood triple chaser. You spraypaint something on a train, and hide from the cops when you hear their footsteps, or you’ll get arrested and kicked back to square one.

Here’s the one I made. Yeah, it’s a little weird to be using my net name, but it translates to the side of a boxcar a lot better than my real name does.

If you make something cool, save it in the gallery and post the link in here!

Looks pretty cool. You’re a regular Picasso :smiley:

Here’s my latest addiction.

USCdiver: My friggin’ hand hurts!!! Feeding all those fish quickly is a task.

Me wittle hand huwts from fuwiously clicking the mouse!!!

Oh man. Don’t get me started on Insanaquarium again.

My effort: .

Not that this has anything to do with anything, but your nickname reminds me of a show I used to watch on USA- can’t remember the name, but it was a show about these deranged ducks, the father was a private eye with a piggy partner, his oldest son was really dumb, he had two other sons that had two heads but shared on body, and he lived with his sister in law, who was his dead wifes twin- than ks for evoking cool memories :smiley:

First try.

That show would be Duckman, IIRC.

Crap, there just went 3 hours to Insanaquarium. I’d never seen it before, so I don’t know whether to thank or damn USCDiver! And yeah, my hand hurts now too…

Damn you, damn you USCDiver!! I should have been in bed two hours ago! And now not only am I not in bed two hours ago, but I have hand cramps! That game is so addictive and eeeeeevil!!

Not to shabby. I may work on something a little more grand. I have no idea how to do that odd “tagger” script, however.

Does anyone know if there is any music with this thing? No speakers on my PC here at work…

There’s very annoying music with it. It does help to know when the cops come though…

I want to see somebody here do one that actually knows how to do that stuff. A very few of the ones on the site are cool-looking but mostly they’re weak.

This one is excellent. Unfortunately I cannot take credit.

That is so much talent. I literally can’t even comprehend how that was done.

Kudos to whoever’s making the SDMB one right now.

My first offering:

My latest work. I see that another SDMB artist has coincidentally been working alongside me this afternoon. Pretty cool.

And here’s the one right next to my last one, since the signature on the wagon indicates that the artist may not link it here.

A bunch of people are going to start wondering what gang “SDMB” stands for. :smiley:

This site makes me want to find some photographs of good-looking graffiti art and imitate it.