Another airliner has crashed (Mali)

There’s been another plane crash. This time, an Air Algerie flight flight from Burkina Foso to Algeria has disappeared. 116 people were on board, and presumably are dead.

Jesus, this is a bad year for air travel! Besides the Malaysian airlines disasters, there was a plane crash in Taiwan that killed 48 people, out of 58 on board.

Three major airliner crashes in a couple of weeks. Didn’t we just go through a long stretch without any?

Beleive it or not there were SIX fatal airline crashes and one hijacking between last year’s Asiana Airlines accident in July and Malaysia Airlines 370 in March. You just don’t hear mch about the ones that don’t involve Americans.


Isn’t it more related to the size of the aircraft and amount of dead or injured passengers?

And how busy the news week is, how famous the most famous passenger was and if there is something noteworthy or conspiracy theory like about the situation.

A couple of those crashes killed 50 people. The hijacking involved more than 200. One of the planes that crashed was an Airbus A300, another was a Boeing 737.

I don’t have a cite at hand, but I thought we had gone - globally - quite a stretch of years without a major fatality airline crash, American or otherwise. A few crashes, like the Asiana one, with relatively low casualties, and any number of smaller-craft incidents, but not 100+ airliner losses.

I suspect we’d be hearing a lot more about the Taiwanese crash if there had been some Americans on board. A crash that kills 50 people is not insignificant.

Actually I believe it was the US air routes, and maybe the major first-tier airlines internationally, that had a couple of long stretches without mass casualty events, very visibly interrupted by AF447 (and as mentioned that’s only if you dismiss regional carriers, as in the Buffalo and Lexington crashes). From what I’ve searched it seems all but one year in the 21st century has had at least one 100+ fatality aviation disaster.