Another bobcat came to visit us.

I’ve posted shots before of our local friendly bobcats who often come to visit, usually peering in the windows at us.

This guy was after a rabbit that scurried into the bushes. He sat on the rock for quite a while (panting in the heat) before going into the bushes to find it. Don’t know what the outcome was.

We like the pattern on his ears, which is unusual. You can see bob here.

What a beauty. So glad you can appreciate him. Here sometimes the neighborhoods get a tad too freaked out when one wanders through. Fluffy might get et.

That is crazy/beautiful! We only get gators and ducks in my neighborhood.


In the other picture, it looks like he has the back feet of a rabbit.

A killer throat-ripping carnivorous rabbit, but a rabbit nonetheless.

'e’s got big sharp pointy teeth! Runaway! Runaway!

Was it you who opened the thread about your housecat and a bobcat interacting through a window?

He wasn’t after a rabbit… he came to admire your landscaping.

Yup, but this is a different bobcat. We seem to have bobcats like some people have mice.

Plus coyotes, javelina, roadrunners, quail, snakes, deer, mountain lions, etc

Ooooh, pretty. ::right clicks, sets as background:: I was looking for something pretty to put on my desktop…

Where do you live? I grew up in the Sonoran desert (Tucson) but in town.

Hi Opal(Bob?)Cat,

We are in Carefree, north of Scottsdale, out in the lush desert. Love seeing all the wildlife.

Too bad can’t go out and scritch the bobcats’ ears, eh?

We also have a bobcat or two running around here in the Mojave HD in our neighborhood; looks like the same species, but ours has a shorter tail. Seen the bobs a couple of times, but not the mountain lion that also is hanging around the hills that start out 100 yards from us that some neighbors have seen. I notice a lot less rabbits recently as well.

It’s here, complete with links to pictures.

You could, but it’d be the last scritchin’ you’re likely to attempt.

My bruddah scritched a bobcat’s ears once.


[Jeff Foxworthy] You might be a redneck if. . . [/JF]

…if you start looking for the ears on construction equipment.

My first cat (and the only one who loved me as much as I loved him) was suspected of being the progeny of a Bobcat Tom and a Badkitty housecat in heat.
He had the longest jackrabbit feet I’d ever seen on a house cat. He used to beat the hell out of the neighborhood Toms, but what I loved about him best was how he’d chase visiting relatives out of the house.

Bad boy! Don’t bite/chase EBS out of the house. Now go in that corner & think about what you’ve done. And chew on this steak while your at it…*

*EBS = Evil Bitch Sister