Another Brilliant Suggestion You Will Reject...

Will the SDope “powers that be” add a feature to let end-users flag posts they wish to follow? …And/or make it easier to track posts of interest to the end-user? (And, then filter flagged posts?) It sure would come in handy!

You mean like “Subscribe to this Thread?” Under thread tools?

Or just post to the thread, and you’re automatically subscribed to it?

You can subscribe to threads (not individual posts) and the click User CP to see all your subscriptions. You can set up your profile to automatically subscribe to any thread you post in, or simply select subscribe from the thread tools menu.

Only if you have the setting turned on to automatically subscribe to threads you’ve posted to.
(User CP>Edit Options; Scroll down about half way to Messaging & Notifications. Under Default Thread Subscription Mode, change the dropdown from Do Not Subscribe to one of the other options.
Choosing No Email Notification will still subscribe you to everything you post to (or manually subscribe to) it just won’t send you emails.
From then on, just click User CP at the top of any page to find all your (updated) threads.